Berkshire meet up

Hi, just recently started the beginners course and wandering if there are any other beginners in the area who would like to meet to practise. Diolch

I’m not sure how far it is for you, but there is a group in Oxford: Oxford Welsh learners group :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the details. Will have a look to see if I could possibly get to one of their meet ups.

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They organise walks around the area too. They are usually posted in this thread: Oxford walks

Hi Iwan, I started the 6 month SSiW course 4 weeks ago. I live in Marlow. Whereabouts are you in Berkshire?

I live in Reading

I live in Datchet

Hi Iwan,
I’ve also recently started the SSiiW course and I’m supplementing it with the Duolingo course. I don’t know how much I can contribute but I’d be willing to give it a go. I’m just outside Basingstoke so about 40minutes to Reading by road. Oxford would be too far for me.
Let me know if you get something organised and I’ll do my best to join in.

Hi all, thanks for the replies

I live in Datchet but am happy to to travel if people would like to meet for an informal chat. Open to suggestions for places/times etc

Diolch !

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How about Maidenhead? There’s a nice big pub on the A4 called the Shire Horse. Otherwise there’s nice pub near Bracknell called the Peacock Farm which is more accessible for Basingstoke/Reading. Both are quire big. It would be great to sort something.

Hi Ceri Bracknell or Maidenhead are fine for me to get to. Tinings wise weekends would normally be easier for me but could possibly do a weeknight after work.
Thanks Iwan

Bracknell would be fine by me but I work in ROI every other week so it would be good if the first one isn’t next week.
Diolch. Gareth

An additional idea would be doing what the “London touring” meetup does.

I recently went to a London meetup on a weekend. We met in a cafe in Wimbledon, we chatted for 30-45 mins, then we walked for about 90mins, and then we sat in a pub for an hour.

It made it much more worthwhile for those who had to travel a decent distance. So i felt value in travelling over an hour as i got 3hours welsh!

It would also be great if there was a regular pub meetup. Maybe we could alternate it between maidenhead and Reading?

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Sounds like a good idea to do a few different things.
As a possible first meet up how does 3rd August sound ?

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I can’t do that date as it’s my husband’s birthday that weekend. We go away the following weekend. Realistically I can’t do a Saturday till September so if you want to go ahead without me please do.

No problem. Hopefully we can organise a date that is good for everyone.

How about a set date once a month just to get things off the ground? could be a midweek evening at a pub that has easy access to

Sounds good. What day of the week would work best ?

Iwan, what level are you on on SSIW? Do you want to do any video hangouts? even if its 5/10mins

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I am on level 1 challenge 12 at the moment. Not tried hangouts yet but would be worth ago as I haven’t had the chance to speak to another person in Welsh yet.