Berkshire meet up

You should defo get on the hangouts. Even if you just watch it to begin with. It’s the best thing to improve your Welsh

S’mae Adam, I’ve seen lots of talk about getting onto hangouts for conversation. The only thing I’ve been able to find is are some old you tube recordings of group ‘calls’ I think they were called. Are there any instructions and info available on when and how I can at least connect to see/hear what goes on. I’m on L1 C15 so not sure I can really contribute much at the moment due to a very limited vocab.
Diolch, Gareth

Have you got slack? On the say something in Welsh slack channel they post the links to join.

You can defo contribute. Even if it’s just simple sentences it will help you tremendously. And Nia and the team are great at helping you.

Quoting from @siaronjames on another thread -
To join, all you have to do to get started is send an email with WSP in the title to for an invite.