BBC Welsh news website with translate tool

I don’t know how new this is, but I’ve just realised that the BBC Welsh news Internet site now has a VOCAB tool that translates most words on the page when you hover the cursor over them. It appears to have been around for a couple of years or so, but I’ve only just discovered it.
I have shied away from these news pages in the past because of my limited vocabulary. But this really changes things for me.
And on another note, I’m starting to realise for the first time that I can understand more and more of what I read even without the Vocab tool. True, I have a long way to go, but I can now look behind as well as ahead of me :slight_smile: .


It’s great to hear that your reading Welsh is coming along as well!

People that do traditional classes often ask “but how do they learn to read Welsh?” when they hear of the SSiW method of learning. I was asked that very question last night by someone with a BA in Welsh! I explained that once someone can effectively speak Welsh and understand what is said to them, it’s only a small step to being able to read too, and with resources like the VOCAB tool to help, most people can take that step on their own.


Hi Baruch,

Could you give a link to the particular site you have in mind? Thanks.

Although I have always been a strong supporter of SSiW, and continue to be one (and don’t see that changing any time soon!), I don’t think the transition from just speaking and hearing Welsh to reading it is quite as easy and straightforward as is sometimes suggested. I found it quite a learning curve actually.

But having said that, I do agree that it’s a step people can take on their own. They don’t need courses or teachers for it. Just practice, with the right sort of material.


BBC Cymru Fyw ? It’s had the vocab tool for at least two years. I use it! Perhaps it needs more publicity. Also Golwg360 do exactly the same thing:

It’s a horses for courses thing I think. For some it’s a natural progression, and others need more time and patience, like everything else.
For myself, I grew up seeing Welsh words written down, so the difference between hearing and seeing was not so great.


Hi @mikeellwood! You have to click on the VOCAB button in the top right of the page. Pob lwc!

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Yes, it’s like anything. Some people take to it more quickly than others, but I’ve seen quite a few pick up a book in Welsh at bwtcamp for the first time and start grinning when they realise they can recognise some of the words. At least progressing from speaking to reading Welsh isn’t as a Spanish friend puts it about trying to learn to read English - like 2 completely different languages! :smile: