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Watching a really interesting program on S4C. Catch it on the player

Yr Afon
Cyfres 2008: Cerys ac Afon Mississippi


As you know already …

This is noly for those residing in UK.

Right! :frowning:
I checked on S4C, and this is not currently available outside the UK either, but we can hope it will.

Actually I still have series 3 of 35 diwrnod expiring soon and haven’t seen it yet!!! (can’t understand if it’s going to be in the box set again or not)

I blieve not. Mostly when it’s gone it’s gone.

Oh dear, sorry Tatjana, I didn’t think about that. Thanks for letting me know :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry, Gisella,
I should have thought about that when I posted. Such a shame. I have seen videos of Cerys Matthews on YouTube but I doubt there will be S4C programs. This was particularly interesting as it was about her visits to Mississippi and included music and songs from people in the Southern States and the politics of those times. So sorry you, Tatjana and others are unable to see it :slightly_frowning_face:

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To be honest, I knew you didn’t think about that, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post that. We can always search on YouTube and perhaps we encounter that same thing there to watch. It happens many times though. :slight_smile:


Thank you, it’s lovely when people understand. I will try and do better though :wink:

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Why should you be better. You’re just great! :slight_smile: Dal ati!


Well, it’s not your fault if it’s not available! :smiley:
And as Tatjana said, the fact we can’t see it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post it.

BBC iPlayer is never available outside the UK, but many S4C shows are - although almost always later than in the UK (so that may happen with this series too - at least we’re ready if it happens)! :wink:

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Thanks Gisella, I hope so too. I did check YouTube just now and sure enough it’s on there, and it’s downloadable but I doubt you can watch that either. Shame…

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YouTube is universal. Until Thanos drops a thumb…

"Thanos drops a thumb’ Dw i ddim yn deall?

Pop cultuRe Avengers Infinity Wars movie reference…

:joy::joy::joy: I am definitely passed it but…I have other gifts :upside_down_face:

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By the way. Not everything’s universal on YouTube. Some videos are georestricted too!

Not familiar with the Avengers myself
(but it was Age of Ultron partially filmed over here - Thanos shouldn’t have had a say, or…? :smiley:)

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An begyst…! Drw gen i; dw i’n gwybod.
What the…! Sorry, I know.
Individual videos of channels aren’t universal, but YouTube itself seems to be. I stand well-corrected. :no_mouth:

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Yes, sure. In this sense it’s the opposite of BBC iPlayer, although similar to the Worldwide section in S4C clic, I believe

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Hoffwn i CLIC
I like CLIC…handy to practice listening.