Ask your FIRST question about SSiW in here...:-)

Thank you so much I am back in work full time now so I find it more difficult to find the time for the course but I am trying to put aside 30 minutes a day for my lessons. I really do want to speak Welsh but find if someone speaks to me in Welsh I just freeze!


Happens to everyone! (even fluent speakers who meet someone they admire :wink: ) It’ll get easier with practice, but that’s the magic ingredient - practising speaking in real conversations!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and for your encouragement.

Diolch yn fawr (Hope that’s right) Jeff


How do you suggest using the forum vs. the Slack workspace? (I’m in the first stages of the 6-minute course.) I’m comfortable with either, but not sure whether certain topics/areas are better on one than the other.

Diolch, and I’ll go check off “asked first SSiW forum question” from my life goals now

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My first go at 13. I thought 12 was difficult and this is a bit worse. I have to turn the speed to .9 so that I can work it out but as for remembering it…

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I would suggest definitely a mix of both.
The forum is, of course, all text based whereas in Slack you can have actual conversations, so sometimes if you have a question, seeing the answer written down is good but sometimes being able to talk it through face to face is good - it can depend on which you prefer and what the question is!

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Diolch, Siaron! Makes sense to me.

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I slowed the whole challenge down to .8 or .9 and managed to keep going on challenge 13. Will need to do it a few times and then have a go at regular speed. Also needed the vocab list to work out the structure of new sentences.

Where is the “slow speed” setting, I’ve not come across this or not seen it? I’m on the 6 Minutes a Day only at Challenge 4 at the moment.

Hi @richard-cresswell if you have the app on your phone, it has a little square with a 1x in it. If you tap it and slide you can slow down the speech. I used it a few times in the beginning but it does get easier.

It’s doesn’t appear on mine, I have an android not an iPhone, is it only on those?

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It is only on the iPhone App but according to legend is a totally accidental feature!

So iPhone users have to be told sternly not to use this feature :smile:…if they notice it in the first place :roll_eyes:

So you are not missing out

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi, loving the course and the method. I’ve got words and phrases floating around in my head all day.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve got a question which goes back to week one or two. I’d forgotten about it but I’ve been reminded in week 4. Back then, I learned that I still NEED to was mae dal eisiau-fi.
In the same lesson, I still WANT to was Dwy dal yn moyn

Which would I use for " I still", please? Does it depend on whether the dal I’d preceded by a vowel or consonant? Please help. This going to drive me nuts until I find out. :grin::grin::grin: diolch.

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Hi, Ruth. It’s just because “eisiau” is one of those words that doesn’t have “yn” before it. Not specifically because of the word “Dal”

Mae eisau i fi = There is a need for me
Dwi’n moyn = I want

Mae dal eisau i fi = There is still a need for me
Dwi dal yn moyn = I still want


I slow it down on my iPad. Didn’t realise it was not advised. I never use pause ( stop completely) but find going a t 0.9speed has kept me going.
I am in N Z and feel a bit isolated from any other learners. Giving myself this little help is not too wicked I hope.

Oh heavens, no! People have lots of little ways to approach the learning, and yours is as valid as the others. You might, every now and then, go back a lesson or two and see if you can do it full speed. You might be surprised at how much it will boost your confidence!

Just done 15 at normal speed but repeated a couple of sentences. I think I’ll continue doing what works for me.

Helo, I also was wondering about the ac mae. Where is the vowel??? Sometimes I just acept it and hope it will become clearer later. I didn’t know about a hidden y. Diolch.

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Sorry we missed your message.

I will put an @ in font of @aran 's name for you as this usually short cuts the system of letting a forum member know that you are trying to catch them.

Anyway, in the meantime (Sunday evening), the missing implied “y” is probably the Welsh vowel that you are thinking of. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity to mask my first question, which has been a long time coming because I’ve been doing SSiW off and on for several years. Anyway, I’m doing the early weeks of SSiW6 and was wondering what is the difference between ‘eto’, which I’ve learnt elsewhere, and ‘hyd yn hyn’, which the northern SSiW is using? Diolch yn fawr iawn. Hwyl, Earl