Ask your FIRST question about SSiW in here...:-)

Are you using an App to play the challenges or the website? On the iPhone App there is a red speach bubble you can press to give the vocab used…there is also a link on the challenge’s page on the website…these may help straight away…and in other situations too.

If they don’t, if you were able to give me the time in the challenge of the sentence - I could have a quick listen - (failing that I can have a quick listen to the challenge to try to find a match)

Rich :slight_smile:

( but moyn should have an yn, so the exact sentence just needs pinning down)

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Rich,
Someone who works with you wanted to tell me is at 19:53 and Your sister wanted me to tell you what to do is at 27:27.
Didn’t know about the app (have been doing SSiW on website). Downloaded app on my android phone but can’t see a red speech bubble - presume this is only on iphones?

OK, yes the speech bubble is iPhone only - have you discovered the link on the website (which equally you can click on your phone of course)…I’m doing a quick reply before dropping someone off - will listen/ reply again shortly…

Rich :slight_smile:

…Just had a quick listen and what you have above is right - da iawn :+1: except there is a sneaky little ‘yn’ before the moyn! it goes…

…gyda ti ‘yn’ moyn…

…as you go through your ear gradually gets more and more finely tuned…mind you, please bear in mind that 12 and 13 have a bit of a reputation as the hardest lessons, so the fact you are reeling off these sentences is excellent progress :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:

…and similarly here there is a sneaky ‘yn’ too - so it goes…

Oedd dy chwaer di yn moyn…

…keep up the good progress - ti’n gwneud yn wych! You’re doing great!

Rich :slight_smile:

Diolch for the confirmation! Glad it’s not just me who found 13 difficult! Does this mean they’re all much easier from now on :crazy_face:

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Weeeellllll :thinking:…(But yes, a little…)

Rich :slight_smile:

This is my first post.
I did your test lessons and like them. But there is very scarce information about what exactly I would sign up for.

  • How many audio lessons are there altogether?
  • Are the audio files downloadable?
  • Are there pdf notes sheets or similar?
  • How do I end the subscription?

I looked through your FAQ and the forums, but the information is not available. If I overlooked something, please link me to it. Thanks.

Hi @test-3 and welcome.
I’m a learner myself, maybe one with more knowledge will come and answer your questions better but I’ll try to give you some informations.
The Welsh course has 3 levels with 25 lessons each ( challenges). Then you have access to the “old course” 3 courses with 25 lessons each . The old course included also 20 vocab lessons for special vocabulary like numbers, feelings etc. Then there are listening exercises and the advanced content with talks, conversations, interviews to improve your listening skills.
All audio lessons are downloadable
There are transcripts and translations for the advanced content, for the lessons there are vocab lists with each challenge
You can always end your subscription, just write an e-mail to
There are also structured courses, where you get more material and advice, but I don’t know details because I’m learning with the standard subscription.
I hope this helps you a bit.


Thanks for the input. That’s helpful.

There is not even any information on how a “month” is counted. Are we talking about calendar months? Or exactly 30 days after you joined? Or what?

What I don’t understand is why there is not just an option to buy the files. Why are people manipulated into authorising a monthly fee? At this point I don’t want to join any community long-term, and not having an option to avoid that makes me want to join this particular community a lot less than I otherwise might have considered as future option.

Why not give people an option to pay a one-off fee and spare them all the work on following up (cancel, check it cancelling has actually work, legal fallout with paypall if it didn’t etc. etc.)

If I subscribe and then want to unsubscribe how do I do that?

You’d just need to send an email to and they’d sort it from there.

Hello, I am a little confused because I work in a school and when I tried speaking some Welsh with the Welsh teachers or asked them a question the words they used were different. One example would be ‘I need to’ I said ‘ma eisiau i fi’ they say ‘mae angen i mi’ this has caused me confusion

Diolch Jeff

Sometimes there is more than one way of saying things, or more than one word for what in English has only one (one example is ‘milk’ - both llaeth and llefrith in Welsh!) and particularly some dialects use different forms. Expressing ‘need’ is a common example - broadly speaking, eisiau is used more as ‘need’ in the South whereas angen is used more as ‘need’ in the North (although not exclusively - you’ll hear both throughout Wales). It’s fine to use whichever you feel comfortable with - neither is incorrect :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply I am in South Wales, i am also still unsure about the pronunciation of ‘ma eisiau i fi’

Diolch Jeff

How people say eisiau also varies from region to region. I think you’ll be more likely to hear ish-ah or ish-eh, or even ay-shy down there, whereas up here in the North, it’s more likely to be ish-oh. Again, it doesn’t really matter - over time your ear will tune in to what those around you say and you’ll probably find you pick that up, so try and copy the voices on the Southern course but don’t worry too much if comes out slightly differently :slight_smile:

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It sounds eh shady and I can’t get the vision of Eminem out of my mind has in the Real Slim Shady :laughing:

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Hi Siaron, I am on lesson 8 at the moment but feel that there is a lot I can’t remember although I can understand around 75% of what is being said in the listening exercise now. Is this normal or should I go back over previous weeks to try and learn what I don’t understand?

Diolch Jeff

Perfectly normal - it’s very rare anyone remembers everything! Don’t worry - it is going in, but it’s natural to experience delays (and out-right refusals!) when trying to get things from your brain to your mouth! The course is designed with spaced repetition, so keep going and you’ll be surprised how many things you ‘thought’ you didn’t remember suddenly spring out of nowhere!
With the listening exercises, they will get faster - 75% is brilliant, but once the speed gets up, don’t aim for a percentage at all, don’t even try to understand/translate when they start sounding like chipmunks, just let your ears hear them and move on (it sounds crazy, but it does get you used to normally paced speech :slight_smile: )

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