Ask me anything any time... :-)

So, I spent a little of the weekend playing around with a bit of new tech which looks quite interesting - a programmable personal bot…

You can click on there and ask me any question - and at the moment, you’re more likely to get a ‘what?!’ than anything else - but every time you manage a question that breaks the bot, I’ll put an answer in for that question, until we end up with a decent range of stuff in there.

Yes, Geraint, I will answer (most) daft questions… but questions about learning and/or SSi will be much more useful…:wink:


Oooo, @aran! You’ve just provided me with a nes (techy) toy to play with!

Diolch …

No Qs this time but … you never know … :slight_smile:

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Alternatively, you can ask any questions you have in here, and I’ll answer them here (and then import them into the bot)… :slight_smile:

Is this just in English or can we use Welsh?

Any which way that suits… :slight_smile:

I can do English and Welsh, I can have a fair stab at Spanish, and I can probably manage a few bits in French. Beyond that, you’ll be into serious hit-and-miss territory…


“Sut wyt ti?”(how are you) gives the same answer as “Pwy wyt ti?”(who are you) and “Beth ydy dy hoff lyfr?” (I was trying to say “what is your favourite book”, not sure how accurate that is or if it’s spelled correctly :D) gives the same answer as “Beth sydd yn digwydd yn fan hyn?”(what is happening here (I think))

Oh, and asking for your birthday in Welsh gives “8th of January”, but English “8th of July”. Or I have forgotten how months work o.o Wait… Did you do that on purpose?

It’s fun to play around with :smiley:

Can you see who is asking what? Or can you just see the questions there weren’t answers for?

Ah, yes, apparently I don’t know when I was born…:wink:

Great questions - busy fixing for better answers… :slight_smile:


I’m not sure yet - apparently it only updates the stats every 24 hours at the moment (they’re struggling a bit with bandwidth, I gather!)…

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Just so I know I’m not going nuts, when I type a question in it doesn’t answer but just above where I type there’s a sample question/statement I could ask/say which changes. There is also, what looks like, a ‘thinking bubble’ as if I was going to get an answer but nothing materialises. Is this what other people are getting?

I think it should be saying some kind of ‘dunno’ when there isn’t one - the samples, I presume, are their way of trying to see if there’s something similar to what you’re asking - kind of like a live FAQ plus Google-ish query completion…

But it does say that once the stats are updated, I’ll be able to see all the questions that haven’t been answered, at which point I’ll go play…:slight_smile:

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I think you can either choose one of the sample questions or type in your own (in which case it will try to find a close match from the sample questions). If there is no close match it will be confused. You can also press the arrows left and right to look at all the sample questions. :smiley:

I haven’t had the thinking bubble thing happen, though


:slight_smile: I would be happy with this answer, but unfortunately it’s not correct. :smile:

Oh, let’s play … :slight_smile:

EDIT to add I’ve literally spammed your bot to see how sirious answers I can get. It’s fun but I believe you’d need to establish huge database of yourself and SSi (for that matter) informations to get it in real use. However I could chat with this techy for hours and hours … The thingy doesn’t understand Cymraeg almost dim byd what is actually fun in deed. it’s a bit depressed when it realises it doesn’t have an answer.

Now what I wonder (from techy bit) how this spam of mine appears at your end? (I made it deliberately providing situation when one occassionally finds your bot and plays with it going nuts and spam it with impossible questions or impossible amount of them.)

But that, about which quair did you sing in and that about your proffession - this really bursts out now and then occassionally for quite some time. (however you don’t need to answer them if you don’t want to.) :slight_smile:


If a question is too much like one of the sample questions, it will often just give you the answer to that instead of saying “dunno”. “Are there any plans for Say Something in Icelandic?” is too close to “What is something most people don’t know about you”, for example. I guess I’ll ask those here, then…

Are there any plans or ETAs for:
Mandarin Chinese (or other dialects, but I think most of my friends speak Mandarin)
Irish gaelic or

Also, apparently your favourite word is “Tesla Model X” :smiley:

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Fab, diolch - added a bunch of those - Tatjana, it doesn’t show me what’s happening in real time, so it’ll probably be tomorrow before I can see what all that looks like - I’m under the impression it will list the unanswered Qs, which will let me start answering them… :slight_smile:

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Amser diddorol iawn. :slight_smile: (Interesting time (in deed)) :slight_smile:

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Awesome questions, folks. Well, most of them.

I’m now caught up! Do your worst…:wink:

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How do I narrow down “books related to second language aquisition”? Are there different categories? I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I’m hoping to find something at the library or a summary online…

I’m starting to feel like I’m making a worrying amount of my schoolwork be somehow related to Welsh or Saysomethingin…

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Personally, i wouldnt worry about it.

Practice, have fun and just enjoy it. You are already a welsh speaker.

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Are you looking for:

  • general advice for language learners
  • advice for self-taught language learners
  • research into language acquisition
  • an overview of the field
  • particular theories of learning (eg construction grammar)
  • research into speaking
  • research into reading
  • research into listening
  • stories/advice from language learners


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