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Research! I think…
Uhm, the others sound interesting as well but I have to write an essay (for psychology). I’m gonna be trying to find a lot of research things on the Internet, but I thought I’d also ask you since I imagine you’ve read a lot on the subject :smiley:
I don’t know how to choose anything more specific…

Also, in case you’re still here: I’m not in a rush and you said you were going to bed, so no need to answer now :smiley:

Sorry to bother you so much with my school things :smile:

So a general introduction to the field? In that case, I’d suggest you start with some of the good articles on Wikipedia - most introductory texts are aimed at undergraduate students, and tend to be expensive!

This is a good starting point:

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And I’m up-to-date again. I can hardly believe there are many questions left the poor bot hasn’t been asked…:wink:

If I spam your bot you’ll come on the next day and water will flood you because it’d cry unstopably. - hehe :slight_smile: So I’ll be kind to it really. :slight_smile:

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I notice the bot says that Level 2 Southern is finished. Surely some would argue that it isn’t really finished until the final lesson is actually available for us to use ;).

Who knows … maybe there are secrets yet to be reviled … :slight_smile:

If it wasn’t half-term…:wink:

Just done the latest updates. I must say, you (plural) ask some bloody odd questions…:wink:

No spams from me this time … :slight_smile:

I’ve forgot a bit about this, to be honest. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s got a pretty interesting range of responses now, although it would be good to have more specific questions about SSi so that it becomes a tool we could stick on web pages around the site… :slight_smile:

I’ve bunged a few SSIWish ones in

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Ww, diolch!