Are transcriptions of each challenge available?

I have found the transcription and translation of listening practice 1 (not sure I’ll ever find it again ) but I wondered if there are transcriptions of each of the challenges and other listening practices. I am on level 1 challenge 15. I am hard of hearing and wear two hearing aids through which I listen to SSiW via my i phone. It is usually fine but just occasionally there are words that i cannot make out (i have the same issue at times with duolingo listening practices). Are there written transcriptions of the levels available - just for clarification not for everyday use. Diolch

Yes, they are.

On the website (not the app), go to the challenge where the listening practice is introduced - this happens every 5 challenges, so you’ll find Listening Practice 1 on the webpage for Challenge 5. Challenge 5, Listening Practice 2 is on the page for Challenge 10 and so on.

You’ll find the transcript and translation there.

Hope this helps!

Diolch - I have found the listening practice transcriptions again now but it was particularly the actual challenges that i wondered if there were similar transcriptions and translations available?

Have a look at this thread, Denise - Vocabulary from Challenges There are links to pdf files that may be what you’re looking for.