Are there any online Welsh dictionaries with audio?

I’ve recently been learning to read and write in Welsh, and the use of some of the popular online English-Welsh dictionaries has been really useful, but I one thing I noticed is that they don’t contain any audio. Sure, I am aware that the pronunciation of Welsh is (mostly) phonetic, so much of the time you can work out how to pronounce words by reading them, however it’s nice to be able to hear the words too.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of any English-Welsh dictionaries that contain audio alongside the words?


There is audio on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David one -

here’s a screen shot - you can see the little ‘speaker’ icon you need to click on to get the audio.


Diolch! That seems to be a pretty comprehensive dictionary actually. By the looks of it, I don’t think every word on there contains audio but a lot do, so it’s very useful :slight_smile:

yes, it’s a good one - it’s worth exploring the drop down menus too. I find the ‘part of a word or phrase’ option is very handy. :slight_smile:


There is on my favourite one:

Unfortunately, you need to register, and registrations seem to be closed.
Worth giving it a try though, and if it is currently closed, revisit it from time to time in case it reopens. I think it is, or was, in “Beta test”, and perhaps they lack the resources to make it a “production system”.

Sounds for most words, although not all.


Not a dictionary, but a resource for pronunciation:

Not every word I’ve looked for is included, but it’s growing all the time, and I’ve found it very helpful.


Thanks, that looks interesting. How accurate is it, and does it use voices of real native speakers?

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It’s all done by self-motivated volunteers, so I don’t think you can guarantee that all speakers will be real native speakers of the language concerned.

All sound clips on are created by its users, who also have the power to vote on each clip, positively or negatively, in an effort to ensure that the highest quality sound clips have priority in the site’s listings. The pronunciations are also reviewed and edited by a volunteer team of editors.[5]

So there is at least some quality control.