Ar y Ffordd

Ar y Ffordd - the Welsh-language equivalent to TripAdvisor - has just been launched. Bit sparse at the moment as you’d expect, but it’ll be a great resource when it starts to fill up. So if you visit anywhere nice over the summer, why not add an adolygiad (review). :slight_smile:

What a great idea!

I remember there was a bit of a rucus a few years back, when TripAdvisor deleted some Welsh comments from their site, due it not being a language they recognise.

This is a great idea, and something I’ll definately be contributing to (and using) when I’m out and about :slight_smile:

I see, Dee, posted this in the weekly e-mail:
“It would be great to see some reviews on there by those of you with skills at writing in Welsh - a great way to practise!”

I agree and have already sent something in: though whether it’s used is another thing. I’ve got so many great places I’d like to review and yes they are all pubs with loads of Welsh conversation…

Chuffed they’ve used my review; which I hope will see me getting a free pint next time I’m in Wales.

Da iawn, Kim. Adolygiad gwych. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that their (Ar y Ffordd) ‘standard of Welsh language’ criteria is referring to the amount of Welsh you hear spoken as opposed to the actual standard of the Welsh, though!

After maintenance this site re-opened today and welcomes your reviews - in Welsh - of, pubs, restaurants, cafes, guest houses and campsites…Hopefully, the site will soon be popular.
Looking at my own review you don’t have to spell perfectly to submit content either.

Sounds like a great idea! Will have a good look at it later today. Diolch for the link!

I liked a word you used in one of your reviews Kim: dieithriaid - strangers, but also translated as “exotic species” in I suppose that Welsh-speaking Englishmen in a remote part of Wales are regarded as fairly exotic. :smile:

“Chuffed they’ve used my review; which I hope will see me getting a free pint next time I’m in Wales.”
Read and loved your adolygiad.

Y fath o gam yma yn rhoi Ysbrydoliaeth I ni gyd, ( you are an inspiration) many of us hesitate before using their welsh mewm pa bynnag cydtestun. Da iawn Dinas! Dal ati.

This site has had an upgrade and is slowly growing. You’ll find loads of Welsh speaking places on it. Also, its a good place to try writing something: my effort got me a complimentary pint from a grateful landlord.


Hello / Su’Mai!

Diolch yn fawr iawn ichi am eich sylwadau hael! Rwy’n gobeithio rydych chi’n hoff iawn o ddefnyddio ein gwefan!

Thanks for you kind comments! We hope you enjoy our website!

  • We are hoping to open a PATAGONIA version soon as there are Welsh speakers there!

(By the way, i’m 18 years old!)

Thanks again,
Tîm Ar y Ffordd Team.

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Great to see you on the Forum. Look forward to see your website grow and that loads of people on SSIW will contribute.
Diolch yn Fawr i Chi!

Excellent! I stayed in a couple of Welsh-speaking establishments in Patagonia last year, so will put them on.