App issues

Is anyone else having problems with the iPhone app?
It keeps closing on me, I’ve done a reset, I’ve removed and re installed the app which runs fine in the north version but as soon as I change the settings to South it shuts down again


That’s interesting information - thanks for the heads up - we’re in the middle of quite a few changes to the site at the moment, which may well be breaking stuff for the app (although I would have expected northern and southern to work or not work in exactly the same way, so that’s a bit odd).

Ifan, our developer, will have more time to catch stuff like this over the next couple of weeks, since he’s just finished a huge piece of work for our new voucher system on the Spanish course - so it may be that we need to apologise and ask you to use the website itself (which shouldn’t be too bad on a phone) - or just come and learn northern :wink: - until we get a chance to do the necessary fixing…:smile:

I’ve had the same problem on Northern course so have gone back to website. I assumed you must be busy :). Good luck, lads!


I am having the same problem as well! Am using webpage in the interim :blush:

I’m also having this problem. Reinstalling the app works so long as you don’t press the home button and leave the app before you’ve listened to the lesson you want to work on. As soon as you minimize the app, you’ve got to delete it and reinstall again. I didn’t realize the lessons were available on the website, too, so I’ll finish off course 1 there (only have one lesson left!) Cheers.

I can’t seem to recreate any problems - I have the app on my phone and I’ve just downloaded some lessons, listened, paused, unpaused, listened to some different ones, gone back to the home screen, returned to the app, gone to both Settings and Online, poked around in each, gone back to Lessons, checked that my lessons were still downloaded and still played… and nothing went wrong.

If you happen to know a way to make the problem happen reliably, could you let me know the steps required, please? :slight_smile: Thanks.

Just reloaded the app but it still drops off . I was logged in to website and opened the app. All was ok at that point so i logged in on app and closed the safari window. When I went back to app, it fell over. Don’t know if this sheds any light on the problem at all? All I can say is I’m glad I’m not debugging it :slight_smile:
As website is fine, I can live without the app for as long as it takes. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I have had the same problem. I try to get the Southern version and it just turns off. Will watch this thread to see when the glitches are resolved. I’ve plenty of other material to work on so not a big issue.

I am a recent member and find the App brilliant but from lesson 4 on the app fails to boot on both my iphone5c and iPad it simply crashes. I have deleted and reset but no joy, please help sort out this bug ASAP as the web site is cumbersome. Diolch!

Hi Declan,

We will be trying to figure out what’s going wrong, but while Ifan (Kinetic) is finding it tricky to recreate the issue, it might not be an easy one to fix - so we’d better not make any promises about when we’ll get it sorted.

What are you finding cumbersome about the site? If there’s anything in particular, we might be able to improve that much more quickly…:wink:

Thanks Aran
My internet access is poor and I seem to be unable to save downloaded lessons on my phone while in the go. If I could save them it would be great as I am travelling a fair bit. Thanks for the prompt reply. Declan

No worries :smile: - what happens when you click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the lessons? That ought to initiate a download, although I know some phone systems can be picky and override stuff like that…

Just a note on the app issue - not sure if it helps with recreating the problem - I have had no problems with the app but yesterday I updated my iPhone to the ios7 and the app isn’t working now. I tried deleting and putting it on again - it opened but turned itself off as soon as I tried to go to settings to switch to southern version - now won’t open again. No problem for me really as I put the lessons on iTunes and copy a playlist to the iPhone but just thought I’d let you know what seems to have caused a problem for me

Aran. It does initiate a download but I don’t know how to save it on my iPhone. If I stop the programme I have to re-download if I get signal. I am travelling to Africa soon and would like to download and keep a few lessons and notes. The app was brilliant at that. Declan

You should be able to download them on your computer, and then transfer them to your phone through iTunes, or whatever you generally use to sync. Listening to them through the Music app works fine (I create playlists, as the metadata on the files can be a little … inconsistent).

Thanks very much for that, Kate, it’ll be a real help…:seren:

Declan - that does sound as though Kev is on the money, and downloading to your computer and then to the iPhone would be your best bet. There probably is a way to do it directly, but I’m not iPhone-friendly, so I can’t say for sure!

I’ve been learning off the I phone app for the past 8 months, first 6 months was brilliant not a problem, but the past 2 months it’s been nothing but problems keep having to download all the lesson again, sometimes it won’t open at all, I noticed the lesson are available on I tunes I think that’s my only option now

Thanks all I will have to try ITunes. The problem seems to be consistent with many users. I look forward to using what is a brilliant again soon I hope.

I’ve done some debugging of the Android app (which is also having issues).

There are a number of server issues which are causing a problem:

  • hostname in certificate didn’t match: != OR
  • The lesson identifier has disappeared (again!) from the JSON data coming back from the server
  • The lesson identifiers are no longer unique (I know, I know - to support friendlier URLs). But when you put the lesson identifier back in the JSON if you could do courseidentifier + lessonidentifier that would give us back our unique identifiers, and still allow the friendlier URLs…

It’s possible that some of these issues are also impacting the iPhone app as well.