Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬

I’m not a soap fan really, the last episode of a soap I remember watching was Brookside!

But with the Welsh learning I’ve found myself hooked on ‘Pobol Y Cwm’ on S4C.

I started just for the learning factor but found myself getting more stuck into the storyline.


Yep! I’m not a fan of soaps either but started watching this around January to practice my listening. Now I completely addicted! :blush:

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And me, same reason, hate soaps, love PyC and RaR.


Sorry folks, followed PyC for a while, but got bored with it! Still with R&R!

I’m not allowed to :pensive: Emma puts up with a lot for my Welsh (what’s this mean? What’s this in welsh? Why does this happen (don’t ask this anymore)?) and now me singing Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn every couple of hours. PyC maybe beyond the Pale


Seems like quite a few of us can relate to this! :slight_smile:

(I did watch PyC for quite a bit, but it was taking too much time keeping up with the story, and the southern Welsh was a bit too difficult for me, so at the moment, RaR is the only soap I watch).

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Me too! Can’t help myself now. Not only do I congratulate myself for actually understanding something (after all, it’s in speedy Welsh!), but I’m completely invested in the characters.

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Yup, as will others here, I don’t do soaps. but Pobol and RaR have me in their grasp. I’m getting better at trying to ignore subtitles now, and on occasions switch them off altogether!

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Like watching pobol y cwm too. I do use subtitles which I know isn’t a perfect method for my Welsh. I can’t believe though how much can happen to so few in a short space of time.

And when will Sioned get her comeuppance?! (I’m still angry about her and don’t believe Ed is dead)


I don’t either and it will come. Also having just seen Hinterland I know where Gary really was…



That’s something I’m enjoying to much about S4C, the actors popping up everywhere, like old friends and were cheering them on with their latest project!


And Gary speaks English… :joy:

This reminded me to send off another request to S4C to put Pobol y Cym on the international website. I enjoy Rownd a Rownd, but as someone doing the Southern lessons, I’d like to see PyC, too!


Well, two/three things.

  1. I love how Hannah (the Ginger dreadlocked girl) has a perfect Welsh accent despite being Australian - and only speaks with an Australian twang when she says the word “Australia”

  2. I tend to Sky+ them and watch all 5 from the week in one big batch on the weekend. This weeks were pretty tasty.

  3. I was just watching Aberystwyth Town play Rhyl in the Welsh Premier League, and low and behold - I saw Mark Stuart Roberts (plays Mathew the Assistant Manager of the Deri) in the crowd!!

If that isn’t a Welsh celeb spot I don’t know what is!?


Well, I heard back from S4C. Chwarae teg iddyn nhw, they sent a quick and detailed response to my questions. They can’t make Pobol y Cwm available internationally due to rights restrictions. :frowning2:

I really wanted to see the second series of Lan a Lawr, but that won’t be on either. I’m really disappointed, I loved that series. No plans for another series of Dim Ond Y Gwir, but there will be another series of Byw Celwydd (to be broadcast early next year).


So the missing £5000 - “Go down to the village and round up the usual suspects!

There’s a petition out asking for S4C to consider offering a subscription service for international Welsh speakers/enthusiasts. I’m not sure if it’s still active or open…but I sincerely hope S4C saw it and is considering it. I currently access Pobol y Cwm via, um, alternate methods and I’d be more than happy to send the money to S4C instead.


What I couldn’t get was there was only the merest fraction of time the camera didn’t show the counter and the money so how did anyone sneak in…