Anyone tried Polygloss?

I have no connection to it except that I’ve just started using it.

It’s a free app, gets you writing and using the language. Certainly no competition for SSIW as it’s not a course but it’s excellent practice.

You see four pictures, pick one, write a sentence in Welsh so that someone else can guess which picture you chose, then someone does the same back to you. There’s an option to correct the other person’s sentence, should you wish to.

You can find it in the usual app stores. I’d love to see you there! My username is Violalass.


Enjoy it a lot - but with SSIW, Duo, DysguCymraeg, plus listening to Radio Cymru, watching S4C, I struggle a bit to get round to doing it. Also recommend “Cwis bob dydd” Android/iOS app that @deborah-ssiw linked me to.


I’ve just had a go on it - interesting! Good that you have 3 days to respond though, so you don’t need to answer immediately.


I just registered and started a few matches. I received notifications when someone responded to my matches, so you don’t have to keep checking in the app. Great idea!

By the way, Julia, I am Simon G. We have already been matched randomly! :rofl:


I think this looks rather fun, and it allows you to be as simple or as creative as you want, or as your Welsh allows. And the 3-day time window means there isn’t a lot of pressure.
I’ve taken the liberty of adding you and Simon G as friends; I’m “janmakarta” there.
Thank you for this tip, Julia! :blush:


I’m on as WaggaWagg, enjoying it!


Lovely to see you all on there, there seem to be plenty of Welsh speakers.

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Yes been using it for a while and I’m on there as Gruff.

Thanks for the recommendation…got both apps today, enjoying them both! Super helpful supplement to my daily Duolingo.

I’m in Polygloss as KiwiCymraeg. Always happy to exchange a sentence or two :slight_smile:

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Deborah, I’ve found your corrections on Polygloss to be really helpful (most people don’t give any corrections), diolch yn fawr iawn.

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Always glad to help @julia-treen :slight_smile: