Anyone in Borderlands

I live between Hereford and Abergavenny and unless there are learners already around (Monmouth too) I’d like to set up a group of beginners/stage 1/2 learners…to have a couple of hours a week/month to simply learn and siarad Cymraeg…to practice informally and maybe even explore Welsh culture…I can rent a village hall for a morning (10-12) …any takers?

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There are groups in Monmouth and Abergavenny (@joshua-menter-bgtm should be able to advise) but that’s not to say you shouldn’t set up another one - maybe just make sure the days don’t clash to maximise potential attendance.

@AndyWoolley and @fi-benson may have information for you on what’s happening in that area as well

Joe, I I’ll come over…

Shwmae, Joe,
I organise meetups in the Forest of Dean and Gloucester (mixed levels of learning/confidence) but in particular I am in touch with Meryl who is a stage 1/2 learner who lives in Ross and is happy to travel for meet-ups. I will let her know about. your plans. Which village are you?
And of course you are very welcome to come and join our meetups - which are generally in the Lockkeepers, Over GL2 8DB or in Whitemead Park in the Forest. Our next meet-up is at the Lockkeepers, 9th September, 11 am - there will be at least one stage 1/2 learner there, maybe more.