Any Welsh learners/ speakers in Worcester?!

Looking to practice my Welsh!


Maybe @Deborah-SSi can ask in the next email :sunny:

S’mae Hannah?

If you can make it over to Dorridge, we meet in the Forest Hotel at 7:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of every month, or to Solihull, we meet in the Assembly Rooms (Wetherspoons) at 10:00 am on the 4th Saturday of every month. You would be very welcome!




If you wanted to hop on a train from Worcester this Saturday, 13th June, a few of us from Oxford SSiW are setting off for Charlbury in the Cotswolrds for a walk/ramble. Here’s the post on the Oxford SSiW - additional meetups? thread

Charlbury is not so far from other places where there are SSiW people - if anyone else wants to come along, the more the merrier! (e.g. I had a quick look at possible trains arriving at Charlbury from the other direction and there’s one at 11:11 from Worcester arriving at Charlbury at 12:08, or from Birmingham the 10:04 or 10:55 from Banbury links with the 11:23 at Oxford)

We’ll be meeting up at midday for a bit to eat beforehand in the News & Things Cafe, Sheep Street, Charlbury, but let us know beforehande if you want to join us

 Hi hannahbee
         I have just finished the 2nd course of ssiw and would like to start practising a little-I,m not very confident yet. I live in Leominster-so could get to the Worcester area or meet in a village between the two.
  I haven't used this forum before ,but can be contacted at ragleth@google mail .com.
             Mike Jones

Hi Hannahbee!
I live near Malvern, which you know is about ten miles south of worcester. You could ring me at 07594567828 or leave a text message and we could arrange to meet. I am an old Tresaither, and just done the Uwch exam ( croesi bysedd!). Would be fun to meet. We have a little group on a Thursday lunchtime at the library in MAlvern, mostly people who grew up in Wales many years ago, but have lived in England for centuries and so are now more than a bit rusty. We meet in the cafe for a nice snack lunch and a natter. But we don’t always have a quorum, so contact me first.

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I’m taking the liberty of “bumping” John’s posting to remind people from out Worcester way that they are welcome to join the Oxford criw for a ramble (or Crwydro Cymraeg) around Charlbury tomorrow (Saturday 13th June):

Hi, I live in Worcester, and have literally just started course 1 in the Northern Welsh version. I only go to Wales a few times a year, so will struggle to find someone to practice with! If you are nearby it would be lovely to have someone to help me!

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Hannah
I’m originally from Pembroke, and now live in Worcester, and have also been looking to practice my Welsh (need a lot of practice!).
So, drop me a line, if you are still looking for someone to practice with.

Cymer ofal

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I live near Malvern and we have a little group that meets, at present, on Thursday lunchtimes in the cafeteria under the library in Malvern. I am a learner but have just done the Uwch exam Some of the others are native Welsh speakers but are rusty, and one is very fluent. I have a friend nearby who is just starting like you, and she is thinking of coming along just to listen at first as she does not feel confident enough to speak, but I am sure that will come soon. SSIW is great for getting you talking! I suggest you go to a bootcamp as soon as you have finished the first course. That was what really got me going.


Hi, thank you so much for replying. I would love to come over one Thursday just to listen! I’m still very self conscious when speaking but I do think that I’m starting to understand more of what is being said. I don’t know though whether I would be confident enough to attend a boot camp!
I must tell you something very funny that happened to me in Dollgellau last week. We were at the festival in the square on the Saturday afternoon, when an old gentlemen approached me and said " Siarad Cymraeg?" He was very confused when I replied: “Nac ydw, dw I ddim yn Siarad Cymraeg”!
He just looked at me and said “Oh”… the poor man! I then had to explain in English that I was learning Welsh, and only had a few words! The man only wanted to know where he could get a programme of events for the weekend!
I will message you again when I know that I’m not on shift on a Thursday, and make arrangements to come over. Will that be ok?
thanks again

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That’s fine! I will be away at the Eisteddfod today and tomorrow. You could give me a ring on Sunday if you like, and we could arrange a time to meet up, as I will be away quite a lot of August and we are not meeting again at the library till the 27th… I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Lyn,
thank you for replying. I’m working Saturday and Sunday morning, but will ring you on Sunday afternoon/evening.
Have a great time at the Eisteddford.
speak soon

Afternoon is better than evening as I have a friend who rings me from 7.30 to 8.30 to speak Welsh!