Any one want to be my 3 min swap partner :)?

Just finished Level 1, lesson 2. It took me about a week, and after doing it for the second time today it suddenly clicked. If anyone wants to be my partner that would be great! Looking forward to talking to you!!


Well done for jumping in! Hope you find someone to do a swap… :sunny:

I’d like to volunteer if you haven’t had any takers yet, please!

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What is a “3 min swap partner”?

If it is to do with speaking Welsh, I might be interested in giving it a go, depending on what it entails.

Hi Owain, Thanks for the reply! The 3-minute swap is described here in a message after Level 1, Challenge 2:

“It may sound mildly terrifying, but now would actually be a brilliant time for you to start looking for a practice partner on the forum, and planning a weekly ‘3 minute swap’, where you say whatever you can think of in Welsh for 3 minutes, and then your partner does the same. People who do this see a huge difference in their ability and their confidence.”

I finished Course 1, Challenge 3, yesterday so my knowledge is fairly restricted!! (but I’m game enough to give it a go, esp if I have a glass of wine before hand :smile: (or a cup of tea!)

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I think this would probably be the magic sauce :sunny:

I’ve also just completed level one challenge two and generated this message. I’d love to be a 3 min swap partner with either of you if you are still looking for someone…

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Hi Hilary, I am indeed! I’ll try to PM you… :slight_smile:

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I am only halfway through level 1 but also up for any practicing

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Hey, Sukey,Jenny, and Hilary. Thanks for volunteering! I thought nobody cared :frowning: . So how do we set this up? I’ve never done anything like this before. And by the way, how do I PM?

I have PM’d you!

It was lovely speaking to you today Susan.
Would love to talk to anyone else though I did struggle a bit with things to say

We did discuss meeting up as a group on skype if anyone is interested?

I can’t imagine 3 minutes swap. I wouldn’t even open my mouth (in Welsh) in those 3 mins. :slight_smile:

I have spent quite a lot of it practicing the Cymraeg for ‘I can’t remember what I want to say’ and "I’ve forotten how to say what i wanted to say.’ However I keep telling myself that even if I end up just repeating sentences I learned in the first challenge, forget all my new material make tonnes of mistakes and am impossible to understand it doesn’t matter. In fact it’s letting me practice speaking less than perfect Cymraeg complete with mistakes and pronounciation errors in front of a stanger so I can be more confident and easier to understand when I finally dare to take my Welsh out in the wild. If you ever feel like throwing caution to the winds and trying it with me on Skype drop me a PM. From your other posts you have studied much more than me so I will only pick up the odd word of your Cymraeg at the moment andyway :smile:

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And right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect attitude :sunny: :thumbsup:

It’s messy and out of control to start doing three minute swaps, particularly early in the process - but it will push you forwards faster than anything else I can think of… :sunny:


I’m on for the three minute swap - any takers ?

Richard (Skype : Richard636363)


Hi Richard,
Not sure if you got my message on the forum? I sent you another message on your skype.

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I was listening to two famous musicians discussing ‘horror gigs’ and the view was the same - that wherever the big mistakes are is the place you learn fastest. “Go towards the fear” was the advice. It’s true in my view, but it doesn’t stop you looking back and wincing😉