Any northern Welsh speaker up for chats on Facetime / Skype?

Hi folks –

I have been learning Welsh using SSIW and Duolingo for the past year, but I live down on the coast in East Kent and don’t know any Welsh speakers to talk to! I haven’t yet been able to have a conversation with anyone, and I think even my dog (who was born on a Welsh-speaking farm) is bored of me wittering on to myself!

Is there anyone out there who would be up for chatting on Facetime or Skype every now and then to give me some practice? It’s very hard when you don’t have much Welsh around you, so my listening/understanding is still not up to scratch compared with my speaking I think. I watch at least one programme in Welsh on iPlayer every day, which has resulted in some really random viewing!

I’ve tried Ffrinddiath and have sent messages to several people (what a brilliant idea!) but nobody has replied. Ideally it would be good to find a first language speaker or an advanced learner as I’m worried about us teaching each other bad habits!

Thank you ever so much – I’m really enjoying the courses, and have actually found that the old courses are great for cementing understanding after doing the new levels too.

Diolch yn fawr



We’ve had someone get in touch in Bangor to look at trying to get ffrindiaith up and running properly - it was always short of speakers - in the meantime, posting on here is a great idea - and @Deborah-SSi, maybe we can give this a plug in the next email? :slight_smile:


A sort by distance option would be great to find local people.

Results are already shown sorted by distance… :slight_smile:

Not on mine!

Oh. That looks as though it’s broken, then! :slight_smile: [Adds to to-do list]

I seem to remember there was an active meetup group in Kent, although I don’t know if it would be (or would have been) convenient for your part of Kent.

If you are on @Deborah-SSi 's email list, it might be listed there, if still active.


Yes, there was a meetup being planned but it’s not massively convenient for me to attend something regularly like that because it was up in north Kent which is about an hour’s drive from here. To be honest if I could find someone in North Wales who fancied a chat, or a Welsh speaker who’s living in England and who misses the chance to speak Welsh, who is up for doing it online it would be brilliant.

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Hi Scarlett

I’m also learning Welsh with SSIW and Duolingo - they’re both great and I agree about the old courses being really useful. I know of someone who’s a Welsh language teacher in North Wales who does Skype lessons and conversation. I’m not sure how much she charges though. She’s called LLinos Griffin - or 07443 656271. I’ve been going to try her out but haven’t got round to it yet. Pob lwc!


HI Scarlett
I am from Caernarfon originally. Welsh is my second language, as we spoke English at home (my mother was English - my father’s family all spoke Welsh). Hence I learnt Welsh at school (as the infant school operated in Welsh and necessity is a wonderful teacher) and of course I was able to speak with my father’s family - my nain in particularl. I would say I was pretty fluent, so if you think that will work for you happy to have some chats. I’m about to go away so would work best for me to start after a couple of weeks rather than sooner. Email me if you are interested - and good luck.


Hi Ann, that would be fantastic if you’re up for it! Very happy to wait a little while, I’ll send you an email so you have my contact details when you’re back. Have a great time away!

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She sounds great, thanks Jenny!

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Hi ann. Could i advise against publicly posting an email address. It’s a scammer/spammer’s delight to find them (or was).

You can edit your post to remove it.

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Thanks Pete. good advice. I hope I have removed it now


Agree about not posting email but @Jenny did it too and should probably also edit? Oh and a phone number!

Whoops! Sorry didn’t know about that… mae’n ddrwg gen i!!

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