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Daniel Glyn Pennod 3 The word byse I assume this is local word or misprint but I cannot understand “Pan on i’n ifanc byse rhywun yn gofyn os oni eisiau Zoom hyfan iau.”
Should it read basai? Thanks
Brian Gillam

Hi Brian!

He’s just written ‘bysai’ exactly it as he would say it. Informally, as in dialogue, therefore ‘byse’.

I’m more northern than Daniel Glyn, so if I was writing ‘bysai’ as in dialogue, I would have written ‘bysa’ - with an ‘a’ on the end rather than an ‘e’.

For example you’ll often see ‘isho’ for ‘eisiau’ and ‘isda’ fod ‘eistedd’, ‘deud’ for ‘dweud’ and ‘gneud’ for ‘gwneud’ especially in text messages or social media posts.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

‘isda’ fod ‘eistedd’

:exploding_head: That sheds light on one of the things my partner says to her family’s dog. I always wondered what she meant when she said “isda”! :exploding_head:

Thanks thats put my mind at rest

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