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In here, you can post the sentences, questions and answers that you’ve recorded with the SSiW Recording Tool.

You can also browse the questions and - when you feel ready! - upload an ANSWER to that question… :slight_smile:

When you’ve posted a question (if you already have a red badge) your badge will upgrade to GREEN.

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I keep meaning to start with the speaking practice section but each time I make a start I’m flummoxed by all the pinned threads (some of which I’ve unpinned), and then I can never find the list of sentence starters.

How about a single pinned thread along the lines of this one:

Then pull any useful info out of the other pinned threads and put it into this single one.

Lock it to stop replies because of discourse’s habit of taking you to the end of the thread when you load it.

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Yeah - maybe even just linking in there to the other explainer threads… good thinking. To be honest, I’m still not sure the best way to make things findable/indexible in Discourse, but this seems like a step in the right direction… :star:

The issue with linking to the other threads is Discourse takes you to the bottom of the new thread, then you have to scroll to the top to get to the useful info (there may be a user setting to turn this off in Discourse - but people new to the forum are unlikely to have found it)

Having a single page that gets you up to speed with the 4/5 step process without having to visit other threads would be very useful.

Almost treat this single topic as a distillation of all the learnings and knowledge gathered in the other threads - e.g. so people don’t have to read through whole conversations to learn they should include “currently doing level” in their subject line

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Simple question from Glynsig Currently on Week 10 of the 6MWS course

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Simple Question from Tricia, currently doing 6 month course Level 1

Hi June

Done it at last - more by luck than judgement!

well done - I’ll listen

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Here’s my answer to a question for my blue badge - diolch! :grin:

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Question from Holly - currently doing Level One


Iawn (o ddim)!
Here is my answer to your question, @holly-morgan-davies. Knowing me, I may have put it in the wrong place!
@Deborah-SSi for checking on us :grin:

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Da iawn @holly-morgan-davies!

That worked @Sean-O. I clicked on the ‘reply’ link and it opened up SoundCloud and I heard your answer. Usually we post a link found in ‘share’ in SoundCloud and it appears like Holly’s, so I’m not sure what you did differently, but at least you received your blue ‘Answerer’ badge :slight_smile:


Probably everything :crazy_face:

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Hi Aran

Is there any way that the posts on the forum that involve sound recordings can be tagged as being North or South dialect?

A post was split to a new topic: Question from Ann - currently doing level 1

I think the people doing them would have to put ‘north’ or ‘south’ in the post, which might help a little bit…

Thank you to those involved in moving my post to the right thread! And so chuffed to earn a green badge too :smiley:

It’s amazing how much you learn from listening to and working out the answers you get from others. As they’re recordings, you can go back and listen to any bits you’re not sure of - challenges are good! The experience also flags up things to watch out for in real time chats.

And with the wonderfully supportive Forum family, you know that someone will come to your aid if you stay stuck, or be there to encourage you… or just rejoice in your progress.
Dw i’n joio da iawn dysgu Cymraeg gyda SSiW :slight_smile: