A list of useful everyday phrases

Here are some phrases that you can use in everyday speech to enhance your Welsh. I hope you find them useful.
In no particular order…

Heb os nac oni bai… Without a doubt
Yn fy marn i … In my opinion
Y dweud y gwir … To tell the truth
Serch hynny … Despite that
Ar y naill law … On the one hand
Ar y llaw arall … On the other hand
At hynny … In addition to that
Ar yr un pryd… At the same time
Cyn bo hir … Before long/soon
Dim byd penodol … Nothing definite
Dw i’n tybio … I suppose
Gwell hwyr na hwyrach … Better late than never
Mwy neu lai … More or less
Man a man … Might as well
Nawr ac yn y man … Now and again
O dro i dro … From time to time
Unwaith ac am byth … Once and for all
Nac yma nac acw … Neither here nor there
O ran … In terms of
O ddydd y ddydd … From day to day
Y tro diwetha … Last time
Y tro nesa … Next time
Yn ogystal â … As well as
Yn fwy na dim … More than anything
Yn enwedig … Especially
Yn bendant dim … Definately not
Yn amlach … More often
Bron bob dydd … Nearly every day
Cymaint â phosib … As much as possible
Ar bob cyfrif … … Certainly/by all means
Ar yn olwg … At a glance

And considering the lovely couple of days we’re having, don’t forget your elis haul. (suntan lotion)


Thanks Rob. Do you know if these are for the north or the south?
Also, are they commonly used?

Diolch yn fawr

I can#t be certain about that, but I’m sure they will be understood by native Welsh speakers anywhere in Wales. They are common everyday phrases.


Thank you Rob

I like this list very much. Thank you Rob.

Diolch yn fawr Rob!

Very helpful. Diolch!

Diolch yn fawr Rob, these are very useful

Good, handy list - thank you, @RobMorgan. One small thing - shouldn’t it be yn ogystal a?

Maybe @garethrking can clarify.

“as well as” is definitely yn ogystal â

(Entry 194 in Gareth’s new book :wink: )


Fantastic list Rob, very useful. Could I offer some amendments too please? Apologies if these are wrong.

A dweud y gwir
Ar hynny
O ran
O ddydd i ddydd
Yn ogystal â
Ar un golwg (???)
Eli haul

Please correct me where necessary. :grinning:

“At a glance” is normally ar gip or ar gipolwg

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I was thinking “at first glance” so “ar yr olwg gyntaf” but yours is better. :wink:

but yours is right for “at first glance”! :slight_smile:

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