A few techie questions!

I’m on week 16 of the course now, and really enjoying it. However, there are a few technical issues I can’t work out:

  1. In week 15, one of the tasks is to listen to the phrases I recorded a few weeks previously, but the box above the recording just says “loading existing recording” but doesn’t do anything or let me play it. I wondered if it was a Chrome browser issues, since the forum itself loads on Chrome but doesn’t work (nothing’s clickable), but it works fine on Edge - but I get the same error on both browsers:

  1. I’m finding my way round Slack and can see recordings of Welsh group chats, and thought I’d be brave and jump in today! But I can’t see how to join - I couldn’t see a Zoom link for today, but the previous week’s one says it’s a recurring meeting, but it’s just saying “Please wait for the host to start this meeting”, so I’ve done something daft as usual. How do I join these chats?

Diolch yn fawr!


For question 2…

Zoom links for the next session appear in the #group-video-sessions channel on Slack a few minutes before the session is about to start. When you click on it, Zoom will start and you’ll see a message saying something like ‘waiting for the host to accept you’. (It doesn’t say that exactly, but something like it :grinning:).

But this only works for the next session, and as soon as that session is over, the link is useless because the session will never be live again.

So, if you go onto the #group-video-session channel about ten minutes before the scheduled time and date, the appropriate link will appear for you to click on.

Most of the sessions are recorded, and a link to them is kept on #group-video-recordings, along with any useful vocab discussed in the session. These links will last for about a week, I think.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for the reply, David - I did keep refreshing the Slack page, but couldn’t find a link for today. I’ll have a look at the recording instead, and try again tomorrow.

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Unfortunately the host was delayed today (computer trouble, I think) so the link was a bit late appearing.

See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Ahh, thanks David!

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I’ll have to tag @Kinetic for the query about the Recording Tool. I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. You did definitely record your sentences back on the Week when it asked you to do that?

Kai was there for the 10 AM session this morning, and will be there for the 4 PM session too. Then I’ll be taking the Q&A at 6 PM, followed by Kai at 7 PM.

Nia usually takes a lot of the sessions but she’s on holiday this week, so we have them shared out between us.

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Thanks, Deborah! I was at Kai’s session this morning, and it was brilliant. Really useful!

Thanks again for all your help.


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