A few minor queries

Can I just get a few minor points cleared up on the challenges I have done so far?

  1. The vocabulary for Challenge 5 has ‘I can’ as Galla’ i and ‘if I can’ as Os galla’ i. But in the transcript of the Challenge 5 listening exercise we find ‘ond dwi ddim yn siwr os galla i gofio unrhyw beth arall’ where there is no apostrophe after the galla. Why is the apostrophe needed and why does the transcript not have it?
  2. In such phrases as ‘o’n i’n moyn’ what actually is the o’, grammatically speaking? Would I be right in guessing it is a very colloquial imperfect tense of bod which started off as ‘oeddwn’?
  3. In the vocabulary for Challenge 7 there are a couple of instances of ‘ddecharu’. Can I assume these are just typos for ddechrau, or is this a variant spelling?

I believe you guess correctly. Very colloquial, but very common.

I believe there is no necessity (or indeed no purpose) for an apostrophe there. So it might be a misprint.

Don’t know about 3.

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The full form is “Gallaf i” the f is dropped a lot in Welsh. That’s what the apostrophe is for.

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Ah yes, of course. Thanks.

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And because the dropping of the terminal f is so common in colloquial Welsh, the apostrophe is pretty much optional these days.


Firstly, thanks for unveiling the final ‘f’, I had totally forgotten it and often wondered where the ’ came from! As to ddecharu, @aran, can you confirm that it is always ddechrau and that there are typos in the vocabulary?

Thank you! Fixed :slight_smile: