A bit of fun - Comedienne Isy Suttie sings in Welsh on "Cats does Countdown"

So, I was watching “8 out of 10 cats does Countdown” last night, and just over halfway through, ‘dictionary corner’ guest, Isy Suttie, announces that she has been learning Welsh as her fiance is a 1st language speaker. So she wrote a song she intends to sing to him at their wedding and wanted to share it to the cats does Countdown crew. I was chuckling away before she even sang the translated version!

The link is http://www.channel4.com/programmes/8-out-of-10-cats-does-countdown/on-demand/63885-001 . The segment will be around 2/3 the way through the show.


She did this on her radio show once - had me in tears of laughter … I think she’s brilliant!

She used to be on Hwb as well, a few years ago - there was a serial about a Welsh class and she was one of the students.

Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


Ahhh yeah! I thought I recognised her from somewhere ages ago. I remember now!! :smiley:

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Had forgotten that was her. I believe her fiancee (presumably still the same one!) played the teacher in that class.

If anyone hasn’t seen it, check it out on Youtube. Almost painfully funny sometimes:

(and spot the cameo appearances in some episodes by a demented Rhod Gilbert).