2022 Meet Ups

Hi I’m in Cheltenham following a Dsygu Cymraeg - entry level part 2 and would like to chat and practice my Welsh. Originally from Pembs where the the school thought we’d have better chance talking to a Roman Centurion than a live Welsh speaker so concluded that Latin was a safer bet than Welsh! I’m now retired and trying to right the wrongs of this educational mis direction.


Hi Anthony,

I think there are quite a few learners in Cheltenham (and more besides in Gloucester/Forest of Dean) - I’m tagging 3 that have said in other threads that they are in Cheltenham (in case they’d like to make contact for a chat)
@SteveBurrows @Timj @ianroberts

Many meets have - for obvious reasons - been on hold (or on zoom!) the last couple of years, but there used to be this regular meet up:
Gloucester & Cheltenham - 2nd Weds of the month, 7.30pm, The Bell, Shurdington Rd, Shurdington GL51 4XQ (Contact @nic)

There is also our WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) group on Slack which has people looking for chats from all over the world as well as organised group chats you can join. To get into that, just send an email asking for an invite to admin@saysomethingin.com

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Thank you Siaron. I’m always delighted at the helpfulness and enthusiasm of Welsh speakers so thank you for all your help. Fingers crossed the 3 you’ve tagged respond and in the meantime I’ll follow up Slack


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Swmae, Anthony. There haven’t been any meetings at the Bell in Shurdington for a while, presumably because of covid. Nic may be able to say whether there are any plans to resume the meetings.

If you’d like to meet up with me for a chat in the meantime, I’d be happy to give it a go. I’ve completed all the SSI Welsh challenges and can now read Welsh reasonably well, but I’m not very good at speaking it. Let me know if you want to give it a try (I’m retired, so most times are good for me).


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Shwmae Anthony, I live in the North Cotswolds about 20 miles from Cheltenham and also looking for a way to chat and practice Welsh. I’ve been at Duo for a long time (completed three levels), and am currently reinforcing that learning by doing Mynediad 1/2 this academic year. I had a similar educational experience to you coming from Swansea originally. Although to be fair to the school I had little interest in learning Welsh when I was that age. Just trying out SSiW.

Sut dych chi’n? Diolch yn fawr am eich e-bost.

It would be good to see how we get on with trying to speak Welsh

my mobile is 07956 316253. Can you ring me soonish and we can see whats te best way to start

Best Wishes


Sut dych chi? Dioch yn fawr am eich e-bost.

Great to get your response and it would be good to meet up and see how we could get things going. My phone number is 07956 316253 and if you could ring me sometime soon we could see where perhaps to meet up?



Hi Sharon, Steve, Russell and Anthony,
Thanks for tagging me on to your thread. I started a monthly Welsh meeting at The England’s Glory in Gloucester in 2012. When the pub closed temporarily in late 2019, I moved the meeting to the Bell in Shurdington, which was more convenient for most of those attending, including Steve. This was suspended in February 2020 because of covid and has not re-started. I gather from Andy Woolley, who attended the last meeting there, that a meeting has taken place at the Lock Keeper Inn in Gloucester on the 11th December. I don’t know where or when the next meeting is planned - perhaps Andy could kindly let us know?
Nic Gilbert.

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Monday 17 January is the next one. This time at The Orangerie, The Speech House Hotel Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 7EL although it’s changed venues with some on the outskirts of Gloucester and some in the Forest. Meetings have been on different days of thecweek including a Saturdsy lsst time.

@fi-benson co-ordinates and there is a Facebook page. Please let Fi know if you intend to come and/or let her have your email in a private message here so she can update you about future meetings.

Thanks Andy. I’m happy to re-start the meeting at the Bell in Shurdington GL51 4XQ, on a regular weekday evening, say the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm, as it was before, if those writing above are interested. I personally would prefer to wait until February, though, in the hope that the worst of the Omicron pandemic will have passed by then but, if others are keen to go ahead before then that’s fine by me.

Hi, Russell. I’ve just had a chat with Anthony, and we’ve arranged to meet on Thursday 6 January at the Sandford Park Alehouse, Cheltenham at 1230. If you’re free, you’re welcome to join us.


Hi Steve, thanks, yes I’ll aim to join you and Anthony on the 6th in Cheltenham. Be in touch close to the time.

Thanks Sharon, would you happen to know of any similar groups in Suffolk or Norfolk?

That’s great, hope to see you then.

Have a look at this thread Berwyn - it’s from pre-covid but @maynard (John) might know what’s happening these days. East Anglia Welsh

Hi . Blwyddyn newydd dda. The East Anglia groups ( norfolk and Cambridge) are still functioning via Zoom meetup every Monday evening from 7.30 pm. There are a good number attending of all levels. Greg Pearce runs this event . Please pv me your email and ill get Greg to include you on the regular email list @berwynclarke88

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I live in Cheltenham but just started mynediad level 1 or level 1 challenge 15 in SSIW.


Email is berwynclarke88@gmail.com

Ill message Greg now

Hi Russell
I live in Stratford upon Avon, probably not too far from you. I too would relish the chance to practice speaking Welsh. Am part way through Mynediad 2, completed Mynediad 1 last year and looking to improve my listening and spoken Welsh in particular with SSiW.