2016 Tresaith Bootcamp July 23-30

Booking is open for the July 2016 bootcamp, which runs from 4pm Saturday 23rd to 10am Saturday 30th July.

Cost is £260. We are not certain of running until there are 6
people signed up (to cover our costs), but we shall keep a close eye,
and keep you updated on how many places there are left.

Here is the link for booking: https://v1.bookwhen.com/he4qc/201607231600/jeh

There are currently 2 places available on this bootcamp.

Please remember the following bootcamp conditions:

  1. Bootcamp payments are, generally speaking, not refundable. Your
    money will, of course be refunded in full if we cancel the bootcamp, but
    if you pull out, we reserve the right not to return anything. This is
    especially true if you pull out close to the date, making it difficult
    to fill your place. Please make sure that you are definitely wanting to
    come on bootcamp, and please take out holiday insurance (yes, this is a
    holiday!) to cover your costs in the event of a change of circumstance.

  2. No language except Welsh is allowed during bootcamp. There is a
    time for orientation at the start and an introduction in English, so
    that we all start on the same page, but after that you will not speak
    English (or any language other than Welsh) until the following Saturday.

  3. Bootcamp is for people who have completed the material in course
    1, including the vocab lessons. If you are a non-SSiWer, then please do
    lesson 25 (south) or 26 (north), and vocab unit 10, and if you can’t
    keep up, then fly through the course to give yourself a chance at

  4. Bootcamp is one of the most frightening, rewarding, tiring,
    exhilirating experiences you will ever take part in. If you throw
    yourself in, you will end the week as a Welsh speaker. If you are half
    hearted, you will probably not enjoy the experience, and you certainly
    won’t get the most out of it. Please be committed!!!

  5. That’s all sounded a bit serious… Bootcamp is a holiday in one
    of the most beautiful parts of Wales (and thus, the world). You will
    spend a week with lovely people, visiting lovely places, and doing
    interesting things. You will have fun, and go home with beautiful
    memories that will last you a life time, and firm friendships that will
    take your Welsh to a new level. Come on holiday, and go home a Welsh
    speaker - how’s that for a bargain?!!!

Let us know below when you book, and if you have any questions.

There is some helpful information here: https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/info/bootcamp Scroll to the bottom of the page for location and “what to bring” information.

That link again: https://v1.bookwhen.com/he4qc/201607231600/jeh

There will be two more bootcamps this year. For dates and details, click here

Is there in existence a transcript/contents list for the vocab sessions listed at the end of the courses used in preparation for the bootcamps?

I think there’s a southern version available - go to the FAQs page and scroll down to ‘Where can I find the lesson guides’:



Diolch yn fawr @Aran, ti’n seren :star2: Mezx

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Shwmae eto Iestyn, I just want to clear up my booking fr the July 23rd Bootcamp. Do I have to submit a form? Or have you already transferred the payment to that date. Thank you.

Tagging @iestyn :sunny:

Really looking forward to this!

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Hi pawb,

Dw i’n disgyl ymlaen eto :slight_smile: dw i’n moyn checko (:slight_smile: ) beth alla i wneud achos dw i’n moyn rhoi arian :-). Payment on line didnt seem to work :frowning: any tips??

Dw i ddim yn gallu aros a dw i’n gobeithio dysgu llawer a bydd gyda fi hywl.

Nes mis gorffenhaf!!


Tagging @Iestyn for this - paid poeni, Elkie, byddwn ni’n gweithio rhywbeth allan… :sunny:

Hi Iestyn,

When I am at Tresaith I would enjoy doing the assessments associated with level one and two…altough I haven’t finished level two yet :slight_smile: i have completed all the ‘old’ sessions however and all the vocab units. The new levels are surprisingly quite a challenge and I really enjoy the way they stimulate me to mix tenses and forms. I am guessing that this supports fluency though I am seriously struggling sometimes :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Would you let me know if this would be possible? I would so enjoy face to face rather than a skype :slight_smile: I may choose to work some of the time in Wales later and that is why I am guessing a bit of paper might be handy :slight_smile:

Looking forward to coming… First a quick weekend in Aber via schiphol and birmingham :slight_smile:

Warm wishes,


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Shw mae, Elkie?

I’ve been wondering about this myself, but there are a couple of logistical issues with doing it during (or rather straight after) bootcamp, the biggest of which is, when we turn off the “no English” rule, some people aren’t ready to use their English (especially with me!), and the bussle of tidying and packing and generally getting out of the Ganolfan can be quite intense.

I do wonder about internal certification for bootcampers. Completing a bootcamp is no small achievement, and maybe a certificate should be a part of the package. The problem with that is that the certificate won;t mean something measurable. In other words, because everynoe starts Bootcamp in a different place (knowledge, experience, ability, mental flexibility etc), most people finish in a different place as well. Some of the people who make the most progress, and deserve the most praise will still “only” have reached the point where others started the week.

So whilst the Agored test is measurable, I’m not sure that there is a practical time slot on bootcamp. Let me think about it (that means ask Cat if she has any ideas!) and come back to you.

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Hi Iestyn, I’ll be at the July 23rd Bootcamp but haven’t had any confirmation yet. Don’t want to push you but just checking. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. I’m really looking forward to it.

Four places left. I definitely want to book a place on this one, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before I actually can…

Edit: If I am able to come to this one, I’ll need some help getting there - if there’s anyone passing through Aberystwyth on the way there, would you mind giving me a lift the rest of the way? Because the only bus is via Cardigan…

I am looking at this again with longing - would really like to go and free that week.
The only problem is a 4yr old and no childcare. She does go to cylch/about to start dosbarth derbyn but there is no way I could guarantee sticking to the no English rule.
Anyone any bright ideas?

Sorry,Lynne - I thought I’d emailed you when I’d transferred your booking, but obviously not!

I’ll be sending out “welcome emails” next week probably - it’s usually a month before the event - but you are definitely on the list, and it’s looking to be a good week, with plenty to do and plenty of Welsh being spoken!

@hectorgrey - in case no-one is able, there is a regular bus (hourly more or less) between Aberystwyth and Aberteifi that stops in Tanygroes (where the Sunday Lunch cafe is) and Aberporth. If that’s the only way you could get to us, we’ll easily arrange you a lift from either place as long as we know you’re coming!

Edited to add: https://www.ceredigion.gov.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/Resident/Travel%2C%20Roads%20and%20Parking/Public%20Transport/Bus%20Timetables/T5-X50-554.pdf

Ah, that’s useful. Thanks.

Such a tricky decision. On the one hand, Bootcamp is often transformational - on the other hand, Bootcamp interspersed with lots of regular English won’t have the same impact.


Could you make it a game with her? Could you, together, get a list of the 10 things you need to say most often, start getting used now to saying them in Welsh all the time, and then ask for her help to let you play the game for a whole week?

I’m thinking that:

Come here/Stop!/I love you/Are you okay?/Can I have a hug?

might get you through a high enough percentage of the time to make it a win - if you’d only need to revert to English for emergencies, I think it would work out…

Diolch Aran, I will give that a try this week. We have invited ourselves round to some welsh-speaking friends tomorrow and I will see if I can persuade the children to all speak welsh together

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Small steps… but you might be surprised how readily she’ll accept it in the context of a game, especially if most of it is stuff she’s already started to hear at Cylch… :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, Iestyn.