2016 Questions?

@dafyddyfelin is the best person to answer this, but from memory I think last year most people recorded themselves speaking their Englyn. Someone may have sent in a written version and Dafydd recorded it, so that it would be the same as the others, but I’m not sure about that.

Having it as a verbal category allows those who are not yet at the stage of reading and writing to still have a go at creating some poetry with the Welsh they have.

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Yes, it’s only 3 lines in total - so a very pithy little form of poetry, sort of like the Welsh version of Haiku :slight_smile:

The first line is supplied, so yes, you have to use that then add your own 2 lines to finish. It’s quite common to do this in limeric competitions, so we thought it seemed appropriate to do this for the Englyn Milwr.

Thank you. It might be harder then I thought but … maybe … :slight_smile:

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@dafyddyfelin Can you take pity on this technically incompetent scaredy-cat and, if I submit a bad Englyn as typing on screen, can you record it? Neither of us in this house has a clue how to record voice on my laptop! @tatjana do you know?
It does seem a big hassle for 3 lines which are certainly not great poetry!!

My advise is to download Audacity and record with it. Usually every laptop has in-built microphon but you can also attach one. Audacity however requires some aditional files in order to convert Audacity files into .mp3 (or other audio formats) but you have all instructions on their page so if you follow them it wouldn’t be too hard.

Audacity website It’s totally free software which is very powerful in deed.

Hope it helps.


I’m sure it would, but it really is too much hassle for a bad three line Englyn, so I shall not enter. To prove how bad it is here:-

Cariad at Iaith

Mae wedi blino’n racs ydw i
Sut y galla byth dysgu?
Gwrando yn fy ngwely!

So there’s your practice run. I’m sure you’ll be inspired later on.

What OS do you have? A version of Windows? They all have a built in voice recorder. You just have to type Recorder in the ‘Run’ box and you’ll find it - very simple to operate, and you just save the file. No need to download anything.

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Diolch yn fawr! Janet had to show me how to get to the equivalent of the run box, but it worked and I recorded something which can be mailed - well I mailed it to me! Problem, I’m not sure anyone else can play it. Would you or @aran be able to receive a test sending to post@SSiW and tell me if the attachment works? If so, I’ll record something slightly more interesting than, “Shmae, Helo, oh, dwi ddim yn dysgu shwd i siarad ‘helo’ yn gymraeg.”
I can see more errors in that than words, almost!!! ‘dwi ddim yn gwbod’ would be better, and I say ‘shwd’ for sut and am not sure if it’s de Cymru or just wrong!

That sounds very exciting! Send the test to dee@saysomethinginwelsh.com and I’ll check if I can play it.


It won’t be very exciting to hear me, I assure you - if you can hear me. that is! Janet was very dubious about the file extension! When I’ve recorded a few words, I’ll see if I can remember how to post it!! (Without calling Janet for help, that is!). Diolch for your help!

Did you get my reply? Yes, I could hear it loud and clear. Nothing stopping you now :slight_smile:


So sorry - have finally e-mailed you. Yes, I did get your reply and diolch yn fawr for the help!!
Edit: 30/10/2016
@aran, @Deborah-SSi Is it worth either an extra n/l or at least a mention on Tuesday to remind everyone that entries can now be submitted, how to do that and what the classes are?

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I’m not going to get enough time to sort out a visual arts entry this year but now I know roughly when the competition is, I can give myself plenty of time to sort something out for next year. On the plus side, i already know exactly what its going to be:)

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I’m a little confused…I thought that last year all the entries were posted after the submissions deadline had passed. I don’t remember being able to see other people’s entries before I submitted my own. Is it different this year, or am I just remembering wrong?

No, you’re right! @dafyddyfelin - can you please hide the submissions until after Nov 13th?


Diolch, Dee!

It’s now after the 13th November and I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries for the Eisteddfod!!


As you all can see, Dafyddyfelin has now put all the entries in this year’s Eisteddfod up on the forum, and what a great bunch of entries we have. Have a good look through and start thinking about your favourites in each category. It’s going to be hard to choose between them!

Within a couple of days there will be a poll for each category so you can vote for the entries you think deserve to be awarded the main prizes. That will be announced here with the closing date for voting, but nothing to stop you being prepared!

Da iawn everyone who has had a go! You’re all stars :sunny::clap::clap:

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Looking forward to voting, only in categories I feel fairly competent for.
I have a query about the pictures/visual art/photographs. I’m not sure if one photo is the entry or a photo of the entry!! Also, how can one judge a painting against a photo or a sculpture?