2016 Questions?

If you have any questions at all about the Eisteddfod or the topics, please leave them in this thread and someone in the ‘Gorsedd’ organising group will post a reply.

Pob lwc!

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Hello Dee, My husband and I are both using SSIW, but the email address is only in my husbands name. So if I want to submit an entry for the Eisteddfod I will be doing it via his email. Is that okay. Have tried to Malcar, Carmal all to no avail.
Diolch, Carol

Hi Carol, I’m sure that will be fine as long as you give the other details that @dafyddyfelin requires at submission time so he can distinguish who the entry is from.

Diolch o galon Dee am eich helpu. Carol

Yes, as Dee says, that’s no problem as long as I know who is actually submitting the entry. We’ll give you all the instructions on submitting nearer the time

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Am I being especially thick or is there, as yet, no list of competitions for 2016?

It went out with the weekly email, but I’ve uploaded the Categories and Topics here now as well :slight_smile:


Diolch, sorry, I had forgotten, but it’s handy to have it here. Also, I am clearly nuts. “Wedi blino’n racs…”??? “Wedi blino ydw i” I understand, but ‘racs’? Help!

Hi, Can I just check under the visual arts section, is 3 dimensional art like pottery/sculpture etc admissible? - I assume you would submit a photo of what you’d made? Thanks

This is taught in the first lesson of Course 2 (old) Southern as a Southern idiom meaning very, very tired.[quote=“HowlsedhesServices, post:10, topic:6015, full:true”]
Literally ´in tatters´, just a way of expressing an extreme state.

I didn’t know the origin of the idiom, so glad to learn that! Diolch!


Wow! We’ve never had anyone ask that before … but it’s art and it’s visual, so I don’t see why not. That sounds very exciting to me!

Perhaps people wanting to submit something 3D could do a little video of it, walking round and showing it from different angles. That would be really interesting.


Diolch both of you! I never got to Course 2 because I lurk on here sticking my oar in, instead! I really must do some Challenges!


@Deborah-SSi, sorry to bother you again and I’m not even likely to enter, but an englin of 7 syllables per line…
Wedi blino’n racs ydw i
Wedi blino’n racs dw i -7.

It’s a verbal rhythm thing - We - di - bli - no’n - racs - y - dwi

Purists might argue, but in normal speech it sounds more like 7 syllables, so it makes a good rhythm


Sorry - and I still doubt I’ll enter, but the blurb says the Englyn is a verbal category. Does this mean it has to be submitted as a voice recording or does it just mean one’s spelling will not count against one if it can be understood? I wouldn’t have a clue how to make a voice record and I wouldn’t want to!

Now one from me … (:wink:)

Englyn milwr - is first verse obligation or you can do it completely differently and with different theme?

Sorry, yet more, and still I likely won’t enter, but, if entering more than one category, is it a different ‘name’ for each, or do you want it to be clear that the same person has entered both categories?
Does a little Englyn if typed, have to be on an attachment, or can’t the e-mail just have it typed there?
Oh. @tatjana, I think the verse is just an example, it is a whole Englyn. The entry has to start with the given first line:
Wedi blindo’n racs ydw i
to which you add four more lines which seem to fit with the first.

That’s what I wanted to know - if we must stick to the first line or do our own Englyn. Well, I’ve just composed something so I’ve asked, but counting silables I found out it doesn’t fit at all. :slight_smile: So I’ll probably stick to the first line anyway. :slight_smile:

Sorry @henddraig, it’s just 2 more lines to add to the line we’ve been given.

Diolch yn fawr!1 I was so sure an Englyn was 5 lines, I even misread the definition and just went to look again! I had even convinced myself that the example had 5 lines! I am clearly going totally doolally! @tatjana please note what kind @margaretnock has pointed out!! I am even less likely to enter now. Getting 5 down to 3 isn’t easy!!, especially when it’s really 4 down to 2!!