1st Shwmae Su'mae Day/Meet-Up in Turin, Italy

Since @heatherbroster will be in Turin that week, we decided to do a special meet-up with pizza, gelato and Cymraeg!

p.s. @Deborah-SSi, how about that? :wink:


Brilliant! (Find me a cheap flight and I’ll be there :slight_smile: )

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You know, I constantly monitor prices of flights to Cardiff, now. :grin:
If I find something I’ll tell you! :wink:

It was a small group this time but a way to start and hopefully first of many: @heatherbroster, Mathieu and I met to celebrate Cymraeg in Turin!

We had pitsa and hufen ia.

We got my friend Alessandra (not in the picture, because she had to leave earlier) to learn a few words - including Shwmae of course.

And…we had a great time! Looking forward to next one now! :smiley:

Heather will post a full report soon, in the meantime…here we are, with our gelato (which might look familiar to @Deborah-SSi) . :yum:



Oh yes, I do remember that gelato! Fabulous to think of a little Shwmae gathering in Turin! The start of something bigger no doubt!