Zoom meetup (east Anglia)

We meet up on Zoom each Monday evening and extend a warm welcome to any East Anglian based learners etc. Please message me or Greg Pearce for link.

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These Zoom meetups have been great - weekly instead of the former monthly events, with no need to travel 50 miles each way. If only Zoom could provide a pint of bitter, like they did in The Alma!

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I was thinking the same. I would like the meetings to continue if we ever survive this curse. Lol. I think id still meet in a pub every couple of months as some people will not use Zoom for personal reasons.


I’m a learner in Cambridge and I’d love to meet up with some others :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for me to come join this Zoom call?



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Hi , yes of course, I you can send me your email either myself of greg @gjpearce will give you the details , Look forward to meeting you

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