Ystôl gadno

Came across this sentence in Ifan Morgan Jones’s ‘Babel’.

‘Wedyn yn chwarae mwgwd yr ieir, ystôl gadno, tynnu cwtws, pyncio, brathu afalau crog’.

The context is games that are or used to be played at Christmas. ‘Mwgwd yr ieir’ = blind man’s buff, ‘tynnu cwtws’ seems to mean drawing lots, but I suspect there’s more to it than that, ‘pyncio’ could be singing or reciting poetry and ‘brathu afalau crog’ = ‘bite hanging apples’, presumably like apple-bobbing but with the apple on a string rather than in water. But I am stumped by ‘ystôl gadno’, which I can’t find in any dictionary: literal meaning seems to be fox chair, could this be something like ‘musical chairs’? Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

The book is a really good read by the way.

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