Yr ymadawiad/ the passing

There is a new Welsh language film now out in the cinama set in the brooding landscape of the Brecon Beacons in Carmarthenshire. Directed by the same guy who directs y Gwyll! Looks intriguing! http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/film-news/dark-disturbing-thriller-shows-stellas-11128444


Hopefully, there will be a DVD!

Here is a link to an earlier discussion: Yr Ymadawiad / The Passing - Welsh language film

I saw the only showing of the film in Swansea at 11pm. Great to see it on the big screen just for the breathtaking landscape. A landscape I am so familiar with from my youth. Even the rain was so familiar, reminding me of a time as a 10 year old in Tregaron on an orienteering weekend but we could not see much in front of us because of the constant rain. Remembering the wet, the cold, the isolation and the homesickness. This film certainly touched on my own memories.
An intriguing atmospheric, almost other worldly film as most Welsh language films are from my experience!
Though I think I need to see the film again to get my head around it!
All in Welsh as it should be but we had English subtitles too.
Well worth watching!

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I guess it will be on S4C at some point as they were involved with the film.

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If people can check where it’s showing and post here, that would be great. It sounds worth putting in the weekly email so it could be a group outing in some places.

I see it’s on in Theatr Clwyd on April 27th as part of their Celtic Festival https://www.theatrclwyd.com/en/whats-on/wow-yr-ymadawiad-passing/

and showing in Chapter Arts Center, Caerdydd from today through to Thursday http://www.chapter.org/yr-ymadawiad-adv15

and Theatr Mwldan on 6th to 12th May http://www.mwldan.co.uk/whatson/cinema-2d-sinema-2d/yr-ymadawiad-passing-15#.VwqYTnpCfCs

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The movie was filmed 6 miles from here, in a place that I’ve played when children and a place that I now take my own children.

This film is available to watch online. I will post you the link that takes you too the movie.



Does anyone know if it is or has been on S4C? @Deborah-SSi? @siaronjames? Or if is it on DVD as, even if we had a cinema within reasonable reach, (65 miles is a bit far), I would not rate the chances of it ever being shown anywhere in Scotland!

Yes, it was shown on S4C last August. I don’t think it’s been released on DVD but I may be wrong.

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2 years down the line, and it doesn’t look like there’ll be a DVD - sadly, the fate of many “minority” films…