Yr Arwisgo (Radio Cymru)

Anyone else been listening to this three part drama on Radio Cymru? It’s only available for a few more days, and I’d really love to know if what I think happened at the end of the final episode is correct. Apart from anything else, I am having trouble distinguishing the different male voices. I THINK I’ve got it sorted, but it would be nice to have it confirmed.

Oo, sounds interesting and a bit of a challenge - - I’ll see if they are still available for download!

Rich :slight_smile:

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Good luck. I hope you have time to listen. I should have asked earlier, but I only just realised that time was running out and I was frustrated at not being sure I’d figured it all out!

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Ok, so I’ve downloaded the 3 episodes…

…as you say, I just need to squeeze some time in to listen to them!

…but it’s always good to have something to listen to up your sleeve isn’t it?

Thank you.

Rich :slight_smile:

Wow, this show is so interesting! I don’t think I understood more than 30% of it, maybe less, but considering I’m not quite done with Level 2 I am amazed at how much I was able to follow! I had a strange feeling after a while that I was understanding more than I realized, if that makes any sense at all… I am just sad I won’t have more time and opportunities to listen as my vocabulary grows, but I think I can sneak in another listen or two before all the episodes are gone. There’s a little time left yet. Thank you so much for sharing! I don’t know how much I can possibly contribute to the dialogue about the ending, but I look forward to it anyway. :smile: I understand the final line, but I don’t have enough of the big picture yet to grasp it’s full significance… which feels profound, so I hope I can get a better idea before the discussion. :sweat_smile:

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It sounds as if you have discovered one of my secrets for learning Welsh! I LOVE listening to drama on Radio Cymru.

I remember back when I started learning, and Aran was pushing us to listen to the radio more, I listened to something called Biscids a Balaclavas by Tudur Owen. I had JUST started to get the hang of it when they took it off iPlayer and it’s never come back :frowning:

But there are two series Radio Cymru seems to have made more or less permanently available - both comedy dramas. Dulliau Chwildro which is set in 2050 and imagines an ideological battle between Welsh language purists and learners. And my absolute favourite, Ofergoelus, which is a sort of X Files set in an eccentric South Wales village.

I have them downloaded and go back and listen to them again periodically to see if I can glean just a little more each time.

I would be ‘wrth fy modd’ to have someone else to share my love of them with.

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Me too! I shall try to listen again before it disappears.


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Hi @sasha-lathrop and @Betterlatethan

Not knowing your locations are you in a position to download the iPlayer Radio App and download them before they disappear?

If so, you can search for the program you want - and then download them - then you can return to it and listen whenever you want. See the screenshots below.

Rich :slight_smile:

Thank you, @rich.
I was trying to find a way to download from the Radio Cymru website, but there did not seem to be an option. Maybe the only way to do it is through the app.
Geographically, I am certainly in a position to download the app. Whether my ability to use a mobile phone leaves me in a position to do so is another matter. I really should have a go some time.
Anyway, after listening three times I sort of have an idea about what is going on.

Unfortunately, I am far from the correct region being in California, so I have run out of time for episode 1 and will have to go from there. I’ve been listening to 2 and 3 today, especially 2 since it is almost gone. i wish I could understand more! Like the beginning of episode 2, it is so moving and yet I can’t quite understand enough to satisfy my curiosity~ :sweat_smile: I recorded the first minute on my phone so I can listen again one day with a larger vocabulary.

As I feared, the episodes are vanishing one by one, even though I downloaded them. The BBC has some sort of time lock on them.

I have been inspired to do a bit of historical research, so that I fully understand the references to things like 1282 and Cilmeri.

You should be able to get the other two series I mentioned further up this thread, @sasha-lathrop, as they are not time limited.

The other series I have been enjoying on BBC Sounds is Elis James’s Dwy Iaith Un Ymenydd (Two Languages One Brain) where he talks to others trying to live bilingually. That also seems not to be time limited.

Yes. :cry: Is this new ? I didn’t think it worked like that (one of the reasons for wanting to download something being that you don’t quite have time)…it sees a bit odd.

Ah well…

Rich :slight_smile:

Oooh, I’ve been listening to Dwy Iaith, Un Ymenydd too! I think I am about halfway through the episodes, but I intend to go through them again. As for Yr Arwisgo, I will be listening to episode 3 a couple more times today while I still have the chance, I already listened once this morning and it’s not 9:30 am here yet. :wink:

I want to listen to that other one you mentioned that’s like the X-Files… but I have been wondering if it would trigger my anxiety. Any thoughts about that, having listened?

I really don’t think so. It’s first and foremost a comedy. The main characters are two women - one an ex policewoman who is very rational, the other who believes in spirits and demons and things. So when strange things happen in the village, they clash. And the series keeps balancing things nicely - the rational explanations almost but not quite wrap everything up. I think it’s really funny, in quite a subtle, character driven way.

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I think there have always been some things that time-expire. I think at one time, if you downloaded something, you had a slightly longer grace period than otherwise. But now it seems they are both the same.

Using the new BBC Sounds app seems to be the easiest way of downloading things. But if they are set to time expire, they will do so whether you have downloaded them or not.

Thanks, @Catriona. I didn’t know that. I might as well just listen to programmes while they are on the website then.

That’s wonderful news! It has been in my playlist for weeks while I hesitated, so thank you for the review! I will start it tomorrow when Yr Arwisgo is gone.