You realise how good SSIW is when

…you start learning German (again - because last time you only learned enough to ask for 2 Augustiners in pubs) and you have to use Pimsleurs, which is by comparison to SSIW absolutely terrible!

When is SaySomethinginGerman coming? :P:P


When you hear phrases from SSiW used wholesale by native speakers…never happens in other courses! :slight_smile:


Took the words right out of my mouth!


I would LOVE a SSI German course. I have been trying to learn German using Duolingo and reading/listening to stuff, but I have noticed that despite learning Welsh for a fraction of the time I’ve been trying to learn German, my flexibility in what I can say in Welsh is much greater.

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My problem is that the Welsh is now so far into my head, that I’m instinctively answering all of the questions in Welsh!

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We’ve got a rebuild of the codebase to do, in order to solve a problem in the ‘building sample sentences’ stage (which just so happens to be particularly relevant to German). It’s slowed everything down a bit - once we get it done, then we’ll be very close to starting production on some new languages - no reason for German not to be one of them…:slight_smile:

[And diolch for the geiriau caredig iawn… :slight_smile: ]