You know you're not in Wales when

…at the airport the police questions you for the souvenir canned laverbread you bought. And then they throw it away as dangerous item. :angry:



Mae rhaid i ti dod yn ôl yn fuan iawn, ac ei fwyta e yma. You have to come back very soon and eat it here!


Che? Conosciamo penne alla’alga marina? Queste pane alla’alga marina. Che problema c’è?
Loose translation of my dredged up high-school Italian from oh dear…let’s just say several decades ago and leave it there :hushed:
Are you familiar with penne (pasta) with marine algae (seaweed)? This is seaweed bread. What’s the problem here? :grimacing::angry::rage::innocent:


No wonder there are so many “carabinieri” jokes :astonished:
You could have enjoyed it stirred into oatmeal (medium not rolled/porridge) and served with bacon for breakfast. OR you could have tried my Lasagne Verdi where I colour (and flavour) the pasta with Bara Lawr instead of Spinach (Fusion Cuisine :slight_smile: )
Alla prossima volta / Haste ye back


Was it in your hand luggage? When you pull the top off the can it creates a sharp edge. Anything that can be used as a sharp weapon is banned from hand luggage. You’ll have to put it in the hold next time, or maybe get someone to send you some through the post!


Ah - that makes sense. I assumed from the “not in Wales” bit that this had happened on landing back in Italy on the basis of some obscure food restriction. In which case Rob’s advice is absolutely sound, and I’ve done the carabinieri a disservice.

Tinned Laverbread is OK but my favourite place for buying fresh (or freshly boiled) bara lawr is Swansea Market where you can also buy some delicious Penclawdd cockles - mmm :yum:


That totally makes sense. I didn’t know it has a ring-pull for opening it.

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If you can hijack a plane using nothing but a tin of laverbread and some rousing verses of “Land of My Fathers” you deserve the bloody plane!


How about a pair of shoe laces, a belt with a removable buckle and a fountain pen? What else would MacGyver need…a stick of Wrigleys gum? :laughing:

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Yeah. It’s like a sardine tin.

It was Stansted airport, not Italy yet!

@robbruce that would make sense, but the guy wasn’t worried about it, in this case: after analyzing the picture and reading the ingredients, he assumed there was an unacceptable amount of liquid in it (despite my attempt to convince him it was like margarine, but it was pretty obvious from the shape of the tin that it was not!!!)

I have to say I was particularly unlucky because I had some electronic equipment - a recorder with a very suspicious shape and microphone with a very long cable - that’s probably what they noticed first, so they checked my whole (cabin) bag and seized my bara lawr! :neutral_face: :laughing:

I’ll definitely come back to try it!


Even though there’s an “r” in the month, someone told me recently that Penclawdd cockles are hard to get for some reason at the moment. Haven’t been to double check in Swansea Market though.

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If you said it was like margarine, that wouldn’t get you off the hook, I’m afraid. I once had all of a peculiarly wide range of hair conditioners confiscated even though they’re solid at room temperature, on the basis that they could technically be melted down to make a liquid (where, I don’t know, presumably in the toilet with a bunsen burner?). My hair was not in a good state when I got back from holiday!

At the risk of incurring the wrath of Wales and a hundred angry posts, I’m going to hazard a guess that you had a narrow escape with the laverbread. It sounds disgusting! :face_vomiting: Ask for a slice of @HuwJones’ lovely bara brith to take home next time.


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Wow … they do this in Australia … strict quarantine … but I had a friend bring me back a tin of laverbread … delicious fried with mushrooms and a mixed grill …

… there is a distinct shortage of bilingual signs (I’m talking about England, here).

On the other hand, when there is Celtic or Pre-Celtic place name, no one feels the need to translate it into English.

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Sorry, wrong thread.

Da iawn! Beth yw syniad?

Diolch @scottleeds, ond sai’n deall “Beth yw syniad?” / “What is an/the idea” :confused: It may just be my limited Welsh. :blush:

If you want to reply by Private Message, by all means use Welsh but forum guidelines ask that we post in English except for the dedicated Welsh threads (in order to include learners of all levels) :smiley:

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My aunt says she got some lovely souvenirs during a trip once. The airport wouldn’t let her take it on the plane, though, confiscating the nice stuff she’d just bought.
After that, she decided to just send things home via mail, to avoid this problem. She said she put on a nice show when the person at the desk said, “You know, you can put it all in one box and ship it for less.” She and my cousin were packing and unpacking stuff in the middle of the post office, and it must have been amusing to see. :joy: