You know you are learning Welsh when

When you have Please Don’t Go by Chicago stuck in your head for some reason, then you realise that you are singing it out loud in Welsh even though you haven’t consciously translated it


When you know the names of nearly all the Wales 6 nations team, but haven’t a clue about your own country, thanks to your 6am commute with John Hardy.

And you find yourself whispering “c’mon Cymru” when they talk about an upcoming game.


I’ve been neglecting this threadm so I’ve had a long-ish read, a good laugh, acouple of “awww, cute” moments, and a big warm feeling, somewhere in right in the middle of me, that so many of you have such brilliant experiences because you are learning Welsh.

I think we could do with renaming the thread “How I know that Welsh is a central part of me”, actually.

Well done to everyone who’s done the work that’s got you there!


When you pick up on part of a Welsh language conversation in a shop, on the street etc. but can’t decipher it, as you would one in English :smirk:


When you mention SSIW to everyone you meet for the first time. Even slightly grumpy warehouse staff in Thame.


This could turn into a particularly surreal episode of The Office:wink:

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When the sight of several consonant letters in a row doesn’t phase you!


I spoke Spanish over a decade ago! Now when my brain is scrambling for a word in Welsh and finds nothing, it will helpfully offer a Spanish word in its place. Conversation may go as follows:

“Wyt ti isio panad?”

“Si, gracias.”


Kept happening to me on trips to France for the rugby in my younger days… desperately trying to recall French word and out popped Cymraeg!! Now I get French in my head when hunting for Welsh… ah well… :wink:


Like the word “strengths”? :laughing: :wink:


Hubby wrote the following in our joint Welsh homework. We both check all our work and ensure it makes sense, obviously.
He wrote:

“Mae fy mhartner i yn eistedd yn y sol”

The tutor came back with:

“Be’ ydy sol?”

We both couldn’t stop laughing. Errors are so obvious when pointed out. :grin:


words like Para and Paratoi - always looked French to me, but I guess thats the Latin links playing tricks.

You can’t go wrong with with words like Pont, whatever romance language you choose.

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When I am searching for a word in Welsh, German often pops out. I know minimal German, far less than French, so it’s a bit odd. The most surprising was when I was searching for “I don’t know” and “Nescio” popped out. What? That’s Latin! Yes, I did study Latin in school, but I put it behind me very deliberately and have not thought about it for er - 54 years. The brain is strange.


I once wanted to talk about having no money. But instead of saying “Mae fy mhoced yn wag” (my pocket is empty), I said “Mae fy mhoced yn leer”, but even before “leer” could form itself in my throat, I found myself thinking “That sounds like a German word”, resulting in my stopping mid-sentence with a rather stupid and very blank expression!! Then I realised what I should be saying and normal service resumed…:roll_eyes:


I’ve had that happen when listening, but in Cajun French ( the little I remember from childhood).

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That’s like me with my Latin from college from 30 years ago.I took 2 years of Latin in college, and can still slog my way through simple Latin.

So I gather your partner was sat in a load of Mexican beer??!!

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Now that’s an idea. :beers:

When you have been studiously watching S4C ( with subtitles ) and are starting to pick up lots of known words, and they even sometimes match the subtitles. I think just listening gets ““your ear in”” to the sound of the words from various voices, and sandwiched between various other words. Baby steps.

Of course, when they suddenly speak a few lines of English, and you get that sudden moment of ““my goodness, I think I understood that whole sentence”” before realising it was English…


Oh yes, that’s familiar stuff… :slight_smile: :star2: :smiley: