You Know You ARE a Welsh Speaker When

you attend a meeting entirely in Welsh and survive having understood, not quite every word, but what everyone was saying.

I just feel very sad not to be contributing to ‘You know you’re learning Welsh when’ now but after almost three years of learning I have made some progress. So why doesn’t this thread exist yet?


Is this what you meant? Sorry not sure how to link.

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Excellent point, but it does now!


About “you’re learning Welsh” the most relevant topic is here: You know you are learning Welsh when with 497 posts in total until now and last post posted 6 days ago.

About “you’re Welsh speaker” (what is a bit of a difference) there’s actually no equivalent topic to be honest. From what I understand, as @siaronjames says, it does exist now with you @Y_Ddraig_Las starting it.

I just hope people wouldn’t mix those two topics as actually in each of them there should go different things me thinks and can go totally different direction.

So, buon voyage to the just started topic!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Just altered the heading to make it a little more obvious … plus you definitely ARE a Welsh speaker, so time to shout it from the rooftops! :star2:


Agreed 1000 % @Y_Ddraig_Las … Ummm … by the way … how’s your yellow parrot doing? (was it melyn or was it glas … ? :slight_smile: ) (you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?) :slight_smile:

And @Deborah-SSi, you die good job. what is just needed now is category altering what I did after posting this reply. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a Welsh speaker for quite a while. I’m kind of at the accepting whether or not I’m a fluent speaker stage and wondering what to call the next stage, natural speaker, proficient speaker, able to do their job entirely in Welsh person?

I think he’s an ex-parrot melyn now. Those Skype sessions were mental, I do remember vaguely about struggling to think of how to say the words that would keep my parrot safe from the giant snake, Hedfan wasn’t in my vocab back then! I do keep meaning to do more slacking, definitely over Christmas.


you have to ring up to report something and you get the option to speak to someone in Welsh and you succeed in communicating what you needed without English. I’ve done simple things before, but I’ve done a few complicated things now; change tickets, report a fault etc. It#s still scary mind!


You know you’re learning Welsh when you say to your dog 'Dere ‘ma,’ and he understands.