Yorkshire & the N.E. of England Cymanfa Ganu (Welsh Hymn-singing Festival) 2017

The 2017 N.E. of England Cymanfa Ganu - Hymn-Singing Festival will be held at Toll Gavel United Church, Toll Gavel, Beverley, HU17 9AA on Saturday 13th May at 2.00. There are two services/singing sessions: 2.00 - 3.30 and 4.45 to 6.30. You are welcome to come to either or both. Bring your singing voice with you! Tea and coffee are served at 3.30 and again at 6.30 but bring sandwiches etc. if you think you’ll get peckish.

The Cymanfa Ganu is a Welsh chapel tradition started in the 19th century and continuing today. It is also strong in other countries with large enough ex-pat populations.

Popular hymns, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, are sung by YOU, the congregation, in Welsh, with the odd verse or occasional complete hymn in English. There are readings, prayers and a commentary on the hymns, plus the odd funny story, in Welsh and English. A collection is taken in each session. If you have not been before, give it a try. Toll Gavel United Church is a beautiful building with good acoustics and a pipe organ. There will be performances by several guest soloists, and a Welsh harpist. The street Toll Gavel is in the centre of Beverley and runs between the Saturday and the Wednesday market squares. There is a train service from Hull, the station is 10 min. walk from the station, and there are reasonable car parks nearby. Reply to this posting if you would like further information.

Dewch i ganu! Croeso cynnes i bawb.