Yorkshire Learners Group

Monthly meet-ups have been arranged at the Brewery Tap in Leeds on these dates for the rest of 2014:
26 April, 24 May, 28 June, 26 July, 23 August, 27 September, 25 October, 22 November.

If you come out of the main entrance of Leeds railway station and turn to the right, along the row of waiting taxis, then the Brewery Tap is on the left opposite Evans Cycles.

We meet in the upstairs room from 12:00 noon onwards with people arriving until about 1:30pm and leaving any time up to about 3:00pm.

Please contact ‘gumboot’ for further information.

Was looking to see when the Leeds meet ups would be, now that I have returned. Frustratingly, I am doing the 1st Level FA coaching certificate on 24 May and will be in Poland on 28 June. However, 26 July is free so I am going to lock in the Leeds meet up for that date. 23 August and 27 September are also looking hopeful.

Will be good to finally meet up with some Welsh speakers.

on Saturday next (10th) -ddydd sadwrn - Gymnafu Ganu at Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Road, Harrogate HG2 9AU…loads of people coming from all over Yorkshire and the North-East. Starts 2pm with a one hour break before second session due to conclude at 6.30. Should be a lovely occasion in this grand old town. Everyone welcome at whatever standard of Welsh. Contact myself or Eileen Walker via this forum if you wish more details…Canu mawr da iawn

Oooops! — ‘Cymanfa Ganu’…(congregational singing).

Sorry won’t be at the meetings of June or July

After an absence of 11 months, and fresh from a week in Penrhyndeudraeth I hope to actually get there this week. Sadly my three-year-old son - who can now confidently count all the way to “cant a phump”, with mutations (*) - has declined his invitation.

(*) - he then gets too amused by the mutations and stops there.

Shwmae pawb, should make it but maybe not on the dot, we have a social bike ride to the Donkey Sanctuary planned. I could make terrible jokes about reserving places there for the various England sports teams who have performed so abysmally on three continents this last seven days but I have been told this site is strictly neutral (snigger, snigger)

Never too late but…is anyone planning to turn up tomorrow? Did anyone see the feature on Welsh Societies in England ma’hi Newyddion 9 S4C heno ma? Gobeith mor.

Hope to see people on Saturday…the NHS Peoples March to London is leaving from Leeds City Hall at 9.30 same morning, worth supporting here and on its various stages onward…exhaustive web-site covers all details. Nye Bevan attended a completely Welsh Sunday School at Salem Baptist, Dukestown, Tredegar by the way…he had far more ‘Welsh’ within him than is commonly supposed

Looking forward to some “siarads” at the Leeds get-together in the Brewery Tap near Leeds Station, starting 12.00 this Sat., 23rd Augus {:|}

Cofion - regards,


Any date for the next meetup yet? Let me know and I’ll update it in the weekly email.


4th Saturday the month is nominated date; makes it the 27th this time around…any newcomers will have a drink on the house as it coincides with my pay-day. Mwnhai phawb.

Will be there on Saturday 27th, but without Geraint this time

See you all Saturday, hope the trains are back to ‘normal’ for Eileen

Bora da pawb
I got to my first ever meeting in Leeds last Saturday very nice to meet you all that were there and am looking forward to the meeting in November

Even tho,my welsh is very limited I felt very welcome by this friendly group and I hope in the future to,be able to join In more


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Hope to see a few people and more at the showing of ‘Rhosyn a Rhith’, Hyde Park Picture House Leeds this Friday 4pm. Free admission in celebration of the venue’s 100th birthday - almost as old as the Market Hall Cinema, Brynmawr - best to book via www.leedsfilm.com

Sorry. Can’t be with you this month. Forgot there were 5 Saturdays this month and I am away on the 4th one. Hope to see you in January. Nadolig Llawen a blwyddan newydd dda. Ruth

Hope to see you at Leeds on Saturday.

Please remember that there will be no meeting organised for December.


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Geraint and i intend to be there this Saturday


The planned dates for 2015 at The Brewery Tap, Leeds, are:
24 January
28 February
28 March
25 April
23 May
27 June
25 July
22 August
26 September
24 October and
28 November.
There is no meeting planned for December as the fourth Saturday is Boxing Day.
When putting these dates into your diaries please note that January, May, August and October each have five Saturdays.


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