York Meetup

Shwmae pawb!

Are there any learners in or near York? I’ve only finished the level 1 stuff so far but I’d love to use it in the real world.



Hi Adam,

I live in Harrogate which as you know isn’t far away.

Historically the meeting has been on the fourth Saturday in Leeds - Carys and Geraint come over on the bus from York, for example.

We meet in a pub by the bus and Railway station. Do you think you’d be able to get to that?

Rich :slight_smile:

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I started to answer this at the same time as you, @rich! York is even more convenient @Panzeros.

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Hi Rich,

Yeah I could definitely come to that, unless that’s the Wales v Ireland rugby match on that day :stuck_out_tongue: that might have to take priority :smiley: