Yoga/meditation session with Ceri Lloyd

As part of the bŵtcamp hush-hush we’d arranged for last month we’d managed to organise a yoga/meditation session with Ceri Lloyd (Carys off Rownd a Rownd and author of O’r Pridd i’r Plât).

Ceri has been in touch to ask if there’s any interest in doing a session over Zoom with her (yoga, meditation or a comination of the two). She charges £80 for an hour so if there is enough interest it could work out quite well.

Put your hand up here if you are genuinely interested and I’ll see if we can arrange a convenient time for all.



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Great, that’s 3 (I’ve asked on the whatsapp group too) so just £26.66 each. :joy:

8 people so far …

Would that be yoga, meditation or a combination of the two?
Cause yoga in Welsh would definitely be too much (considering I’ve just tried yoga a couple of times ever and it’s already very complicated in Italian)
But meditation in Welsh could be interesting (and oh well, in worst case if I don’t understand the instructions I can relax listening the nice sounds of the language) :laughing:

p.s. I have to say I’m also curious cause…I’m still not much of an expert of Welsh celebrities so I hadn’t heard of her before. But this afternoon - basically just a few minutes before you posted this - I had accidentally found her book while doing some searches, and then had a look at her website and wondered how would an on-line session be! Quite a coincidence. :astonished:

I’m interested if the time is workable!

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