ŶN or O'N

Is the expression ŶN NHW’N MOYN an alternative of for saying O’N NHW’N MOYN

Don’t they both mean “WE WANT”?

I understand the Ŷ is pronounced as ‘EEEEE’ whereas the O in O’N is pronounced the same as the english for “CODE”

In one of the vocabulary lists on SSiW I have seen the expression for “we want them” written as (ŶN) NI’N MOYN IDDYN NHW. Is the ŶN in brackets an alternative to N’IN?

What is N’IN short for?

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Nhw is they
Ni is we

N’in is short for Yn ni’n in the same way as Ti’n is short for rwyt ti’n

The (Yn) ni’n in brackets means you can miss out the (yn) if you want to.

(Yn) ni’n iawn?/Ni’n iawn? = (are) we OK?
(Yn) ni’n iawn /Ni’n iawn = We are OK

Diolch John

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