Yn fan hyn and yma

Can anyone explain why ‘yn fan hyn’ (Level 3 lesson 21) and not yma?

Is it about emphasis?

Hi Fran.
It means “In this place” (man), so the same as “here”. In English they say “by here”. So I suppose you are right that it is lightly emphasised. I’ve just doubled checked with my wife. She will never say “come here”; she will always say “come by here” (well, come by yer, actually :slight_smile: ).
You can also say fan (y)ma There are plenty of other expressions or words using Man/fan’fa.

Largely it’s to expose you to a new pattern, although in my experience I hear Fan’yn or fa’ma (yn fan hyn/yma shortened) lots more than yma to describe a place. I can’t really explain why, sorry!

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Thank you both.

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