Y Wers Cymraeg/The Welsh Lesson feat. Siân Harries, Elis James, Isy Suttie, Rhod Gilbert & More

I’ve put together a playlist of all of the episodes of Hwb’s old comedy sketch show for learners!

It’s been on YouTube for years, with criminally low viewing figures - but the episodes haven’t been easy to watch concurrently (Hwb group them by episodes of Hwb,rather than epiosodes of this segment - so it’s easy to miss some!), so with this in mind - I put together a playlist of all of the episodes so you can just sit down and watch them all in one go.

No subtitles, but the Welsh used is not too tough - good listening exercises and a chance to split your sides laughing!


Oh noes, that’s my afternoon ruined!

SSiW have fallen down there - not enough about Hywel Dda…

One thing though - it’s Sian Harries, not Sara.


Diolch o galon, Nicky, this is cringeworthily good!
Owen Williams also featured, usually as a ratbag learner


Good work that man :star: :star2:

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Happy to have wrecked all of your plans for all the day.

I’ve honestly just sat down and gone through them all in one sitting like some sad man!


thanks! much appreciated on this wet and dull evening!

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Changed for you :slight_smile:

I’ll be doing the same as soon as I get half a chance!

I am quite embarassed on that front, because I follow Sian and have tweeted back and forth.

Sara Harries was a girl from my class in school. So thats a bit of weird one!

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Dysgu’r Iaith yn un deg saith. :slight_smile:


Diolch, I was looking for something like this!

A few days ago I found a Rhod Gilbert video that spoke to my heart: