Y Tylwyth (Eisteddfod)

Hi. This is a question for anyone who saw Y Tylwyth - either at the Eisteddfod or the live broadcast on S4C on Friday night. I saw it on Saturday and was blown away by it - it was amazing and that is even considering I couldn’t understand much of what was going on. So that leads me to my question. Can someone outline the plot for me? I know that Jac and Elen wanted to marry but Elen’s parents wanted her to marry someone else. Then Elen died but was brought back to life, but that’s about it. I would love to know more and the background stories that inspired it so that I can read more.

I’ve just got home after my weekend away and have put the recording of it on Sky but there are no subtitles :frowning:

Hi @ElenTylwythTeg, it was fantastic wasn’t it? We also went on Saturday and really enjoyed it. If you watch it through S4Clic online you can choose subtitles (isdeitlau) :slight_smile:

Basic plot:

Woman at the beginning being buried was Jac’s mum. She represented a belief in the Tylwyth.

Jac and Elen wanted to married.
Elen’s Dad was the rich man of the area and wanted her to marry Ifan instead.

Elen’s mum was hanner a hanner tylwyth and human.

Trees are very important.

Does that help?? :joy:

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That is helpful. I’ll have a look on click as sky didn’t record subtitles. What was the role of the girl? I know there was some connection to the mum as the costume was the same. And did they think that Jac had killed Elen which is why they were going to hang him?

Also, do you know what the song was that they sung at the beginning and end (dyma ni, dyma ni etc)? I heard it on Radio Cymru on Friday and I’m sure I’ve heard it before.

I think she was her inner Tylwyth. I think, but not 100%.

They thought Jac had killed Ifan but he’d been taken by the Tylwyth. Jac tried to tell them that and they didn’t believe him.