Y Gwyll, again

I really want to watch Y Gwyll in the Welsh version. I know someone else asked on here a year ago if it was available, and it still seems impossible to get hold of - the English version is there but that’s not what I’m after.

My question is whether anyone in SSiW has an “in” with S4C? I wonder if they are aware that so many people would be interested in watching it, if they decided to make it available to stream again or produced more DVDs?

My knowledge of how these things work is pretty much zero so maybe it’s more to do with the production company than S4C, or a rights issue… happy to be enlightened and I really hope that one day someone decides to capitalise on all the unmet demand that I feel is out there!

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It’s a particularly tricky one because it was produced by Fiction Factory in association with S4C, Tinopolis, BBC Cymru Wales, the S4C Co-Production Fund and ALL3MEDIA International ltd, so no one-stop-shop to approach.
Re-broadcasting and dvd runs are pretty much confined by broadcast rights and contractual rights - you have to pay to licence content for certain terms and generally have to pay again if you want to re-license for longer broadcast time or produce more dvds.

Oh blimey, that is complicated! Thanks for explaining Siaron. I’ll just have to keep looking then I guess…

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