Wythnos 10 - the middle bit

I just wanted to post to say that the above titled email that comes out in the middle of week 10 was SO needed! Everything that was written could have described how I’m feeling and it’s really made a difference to how I’m looking at things.

Diolch @Iestyn :wink:


I’ve found this about virtually all of his emails!
Also, @Iestyn, can I just say here how much I appreciate your jokes and witty encouragements in every challenge. :rofl: Laughter definitely helps the process I find. Diolch :grinning:


Shw mae, both?

So pleased to hear that the emails help. I am a serial quitter on so many things that I’ve done quite a bit of reading / research about the things that lead to us giving up on sometimes important, sometimes pointless, things, and have tried to bring the kind of information into the emails that could have saved me in the past.

It’s a lovely thing that the work is helping some people.

But what is really amazing is that so many people are willing to do the work that you are doing to get to the middle bit. Thank you so much for your commitment, your hard work, and for getting by all the obstacles that we put in your way!

Keep on doing what you’re doing, because it is most definitely working, and you are already Welsh speakers, even if it still doesn’t quite feel like it.

Huge :sparkling_heart: to you both.