Really liking the new website. Looking forward to the future of SSIW…

Yeah, the forum is looking great, very clean and tidy (taclus!) with a nice modern feel.



Diolch hogia! And we’ll be continuing to refine the new forum over the coming months, because it’s finally something that we can fine tune to fit the exact needs of our learners - particularly looking forward to doing much, much more stuff to support local groups…:slight_smile:

i love the saysomethinginwelsh logo colouring - very cymraeg!! this forum looks very modern - love it!! as with everything, we will all get used to the change!! well done - what a lot of hard work those involved have put in!

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Deb!..:seren:

Site looks very good in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Not so with Microsoft Internet Explorer. There the pages lose the first several letters in each line down the left margin, and none of the links work unless you deliberately open them in a new tab. While I’m not personally wedded to IE you’ll probably want to address that somehow in future as they do still represent a significant share of the browser market. Definitely on the right track here though in my opinion.

“Beth am i ni yfed cwrw arall!”

Thanks a lot, Morgan…:slight_smile: Can I ask what version of IE you’re on? We’re aware of issues with IE 9, which we hope to resolve - it would be good to go back as far as IE 8 - but I think 10 and 11 are fine…:slight_smile:

Aran, it is indeed IE 9. I probably would have updated, but it is one of my work machines, a box running Windows Vista, which they tell me is going to be replaced as soon as they get around to it. Dim problem. Dw i’n meddwl mae Google Chrome yn iawn.

I really appreciate that confirmation, diolch yn fawr iawn. Yup, Chrome should be great if you can access it - if not, if your IT department are like most, we’ve got a fighting chance of fixing it before they upgrade…:wink:

Morgan L Evans: it is indeed IE 9…

I don’t have access to a copy of IE 9 at home, but have you tried putting the browser into compatibility mode for this site? It might help, not sure…



Well done everyone, this is looking great on all Mac stuff I’ve tried. I know how much hard graft it takes to get to this stage with a new site but when you get an excellent result like this it all seems worthwhile. It’s much prettier and easier to use than the old site, I’d say

We launched a new site recently and were relieved by people’s positive reaction but amazed by the wave of nostalgia for the old site. The nostalgia lasted just about a day :slight_smile: Long enough …

Thank you very much indeed for that, Andy, really appreciate it - and I’ve nudged Ifan to come and have a look, because I think you’re right on the money with some home truths here…:-))

It’s just like the old days -I go away for a week and the office is reorganised and my desk is in the store room. Logged into SSiW and everything has changed - I know you’ve been talking about it for ages but it was still a shock. But after getting over the shock and looking round Da Iawn Ifan.
I like it!

Good to see you on here, Roy! :slight_smile: We may have a little fine-tuning to do with profile pics, so if you have any trouble getting yours on here, just sing up…:slight_smile:

Stu Bonham: have you tried putting the browser into compatibility mode for this site?

Stu, yes I have tried that. It did not seem to have any effect. As I said, no matter. I don’t mind using Chrome. Diolch am yr awgrym.