Please when is the next wrythnos?

Hello Sheena, are you on one of the so-called structured courses, like the 6-month course or the 6-minutes a day? If so, the best way is to mail admin@saysomethingin.com, they will be able to give you more information.
Tagging @Deborah-SSi and @aran, so they’ll be notified.
Edit to add: Just noticed that you posted this in Meetups/Events, so I don’t really know if my answer was at all helpful.

Hi Sheena,
I believe I’ve come across a post of yours on Facebook a few days ago (I remember cause it was a topic I’m interested in myself!).
Now I can’t help but wondering if the phone corrector or something (I always struggle with those things) turned a wythnos into something different…or I just don’t know what wrythnos means and don’t understand what your question is referring to here!

sorry,that wasn’t me…

thank you for your reply