Written word list

Hey guys, I’m moving along quite well in level 1 and enjoying it.

But occasionally i have a need to text someone what I’ve been learning, only to realise that I’m completely Welsh illiterate!

The Welsh alphabet doesn’t exactly make it easy to wing it either

Is there a word list somewhere to every once in awhile i can look at the words I’m learning to say?

Hi Brien,

Each challenge has a word list. For quick reference, the complete word lists are here. The advice is to look at the word list after completing the challenge and not before so that you learn the pronunciation from the challenge.
The link goes to level 2, but level 1 is just below in the thread.
Once you get used to the alphabet it will be easier because the spelling is more or less phonetic.

And the link to each individual word list is just below the download link, at least on my PC. The app may be different.

Thanks very much.

Yeah the app doesn’t include that link unfortunately. I haven’t spent too much time looking around the site either.

…if you are using the iPhone / iPad app - there is a red speech bubble you can press on the page of each challenge (there is no vocab on the Android app).

Rich :slight_smile:

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If you promise not to cheat :smile: there a full list in this forum. Just search on vocabulary The search function is the magnifying glass next to the word forum, above.

Now we’re talking! And of course there won’t be any cheating! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks much

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Rather than search for vocabulary, you could just use the link in a previous post just above.

I got a few downloaded! Tyvm.
I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that I’ve been spelling isio , eisiau all this time

That’s fine - isio is the written form of the colloquial pronounciation and although you will see people write ‘isio’, especially in informal terms, ‘eisiau’ is actually the correct formal spelling that you’ll find in the dictionary :slight_smile:

Ooooh very good:) I appreciate it

Hey on an unrelated, subject, how would I say in welsh “I’m considering throwing myself into a woodchipper to make life easier”? Lol

If you really want to know…

Dwi’n ystyrio taflu fy hun mewn naddwr pren er mwyn neud bywyd yn haws.


Tyvm! This sentence is gonna be surprisingly useful from here on out lol

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